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British, Transatlantic, natural, instructional, normal, conversational, dry, knowledgeable

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Middle Aged (35-54)


British (General) British (Received Pronunciation - RP, BBC) North American (US Mid-Atlantic)


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This video provides visual instructions on how to set up, operate and troubleshoot the fluent fluid management system for my oh Shore and history skull pick procedures. As with any Hologic device, please consult the instructions for use for complete Contra indications, warnings, precautions and detailed operating requirements. Note that this video does not include instructions for first time set up. Rather, it assumes the system has already been unpackaged and configured. Remember that at no time should you the Hologic representative, handle or operate the equipment or provide medical advice. The fluent system incorporates customer feedback regarding her logics are Qualex system and was designed to be simpler than many other fluid management products on the market today in the field, you will encounter a variety of situations with both health care professionals and patients. This brief e learning will run you through a series of expectations to ensure you handle yourself professionally, legally and compliant. Lee. Type your complete name in the top box on the screen and then click the box below it to get started. Product specifications only tell a small part of the storey, and we have demonstrated that many other PICO second devices do not perform near their printed specs. When measured, PICO Shore offers the right amount of energy at the optimal wavelength 7 55 nanometers operating as expected at stated specs, our competitors can't be that, for example, let's look at hair removal, which is better. 7 55 or 10 64 since 7 55 is more optimally absorbed in melun in compared to 10 60 for it is a more efficient wavelength, especially in skin types. One through four, 10 64 is considered safer and darker skin types. But when 7 55 energy is delivered in PICO seconds, either fractionally or lower influences, the risk of high bow pigmentation is reduced while maintaining a high efficacy.