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Athletic , edgy , sporty , strong , attitude , commanding , demanding , strong female , solid

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you can be a professional athlete. You can be a CEO. You can be president. You can start a movement. You can be whatever you want. Today we're here to work. We're not asking for permission because we don't need it. In our lifetime, we've been told you can do it. Thanks, but we no longer think we can't. And we're taking the world by storm. You push hard, you work hard, you lift a little more, you go a little further. You move a little faster than you did before. Your toughest competitors is yourself Work this hard because breaking down your body is the only way to build it back. Stronger, leaner, faster and better than before. But after all that work, some still struggled to get the results and performance they're looking for. If you want superior results, Kayani believes you need superior nutrition made from grass fed way protein. Isolate a natural hydrolyzed collagen protein with key amino acids. Fit 20 delivers the nutrition you need to increase performance, recover faster and build lean muscle