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documentary, motivational, powerful, motivational, believable, amusing, attentive, articulate, attractive, authentic, calm, calming, caring, comforting, concerned, conversational, deep, easygoing, educational, enchanting, endearing, energetic, enthusiastic, friendly, genuine, gritty, humorous, enchanting, informative, medical, measured, motivational, Narrator, natural, mature, medical, warm, understanding, whimsical, sympathetic.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


British (General) British (Received Pronunciation - RP, BBC) South African (General)


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Marrakech, Morocco, discover the magnetism of this vibrant oasis and relish in the folklore. Winemakers need to control how much new leaf the vines grow each season too much and the grape suffer too little on both vine and grapes do the same. So in the 17th century, when King James, the first wanted to start a silk industry, he planted thousands. Computer engineers discovered something deep inside these signals by mathematically deciphering critical patterns and relationships. Let's jump forward. 1000 years, more or less to an electrical therapy resurfaced with the father of electricity, Benjamin Franklin. Good. Oh Ben Genius that he waas flew his kite in a thunderstorm. Once upon a time, there lived a monkey named Bark on a tree by the side of the river. The tree was an apple tree on the fruits. It ball was with the women of this small village in Uganda. No, this walk well, the soles of their feet war this path. Long ago, their female fornicated companions scour the land for other female predators that might take their place in the pack. The house will tell storeys filled with pirates revolution, sunken ships on Children's dreams. But to get to this part of the storey, we fast forward 157 years