Videogame- Nadia Marshall



Hero, Villian, NPC, horror, RPG, shooter, First person, Dungeon crawler, Damsel in Distress, Main character, Antagonist, Brawler,

Vocal Characteristics




British (General) Indian (Hinglish) North American (General)


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He's never gonna let me go. Isn't even if I bring him the ace, then why am I here, huh? If I was so smart, if I saw so much, why just send myself to the slaughter? She gets it easy. Do not tempt me to bring out my toys. I will ask again. Who do you work for? Ethan? Please help me. Help Ethan. Don't let them take me away. Channel recovered, exploit successful restraints evaded. Is someone there, identify yourself immediately. I would likely have died if it wasn't for your courage. But I'm still here and no. Borders still has its pilot. I'd wager. Nothing can stop us. You You want me dead? You lying Shihan. I was a fool to trust you. You are dead to me. Yeah. You know how it is. Every once in a while. A job requires us to get all dolled up. And you two are looking smashing by the way, try not to be too ******* him. He did try his best after all, sadly. No amount of effort could make him understand that he was a week Speaking of which? You're not that special yourself.