Expectrahap Commercial

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Television Ad


Calm, reassuring commercial for Expectrahap.
Voice and music production done by yours truly

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When the mornings seem dark, even when the sun is shining, when you're bed and the pitch black of your room offer more comfort than a loved one's embrace. When you feel your soul is tired, even in the happiest of moments, if you've struggled with depression before, if you've tried other medications and nothing seems to help. Now, there's spectra hap an approved antidepressant alternative to most common antidepressants. Independent studies have shown that spectra hap's unique properties stimulate the brain's neurotransmitters more gently than the typical antidepressant. Several study participants reporting relief of depression symptoms within as little as two weeks. Hugh deserved to feel the sunshine to feel present in the moment, to have energy, to be yourself again. You deserve an antidepressant alternative when nothing else has worked. Spectra feel whole again.