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My most recent Animation demo, scripting by Belsheber Rusape Jr., mixing and direction were done my Tom Schalk.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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You can drop the whole tough girl act. I know you like me. Let's say you and I find some time to get to know each other if you know what I mean. All right, I deserve that. Can't you see this house is haunted, floating furniture, rattling, change of despair. It's a fun house without the fun man. Lousy, no good corporate hacks. Making me fetch coffee like a dog. Well, because I'm some petty intern, I'll show them. I shall have my pets. Something wrong with bikers being florist. A good man knows how to stop and smell the roses. You got a problem with Roses pipsqueak. There are two ways to succeed in life. Follow the rules or don't. If you have to cheat and steal, then do it. It's doggy dog world at Chester would Academy. She told me once you're not the monster you claim to be. It was like I really mattered to her or something. No one's ever made me feel like that before. You don't get it. Hex. Master Power is more than just about control. It's about owning your destiny. Never giving up. That's what it means to be human.