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Sample from a Paranormal Romance novel by a well-renowned author.

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Young Adult (18-35)


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Puffs of steam escaped my nose in the chilly autumn air. My dragon was close to breaking out at the site of Robin alone with another man, a lion shifter no less my woman. My dragon roared my mate. I sent a wisp of sulfur laced dragon breath his way watching until the lion sauntered around a corner and out of sight, it had been a long time since so many emotions had broiled inside me, anger, jealousy, even a tiny bit of respect because the lion hadn't shown fear and his first instinct had been to protect Robin. On the other hand, the clinking coins made him Robin's accomplice and thus my enemy. Then again, being sheriff made Robin my enemy too, feeling conflicted. Yes, more than a little because I wanted to be that accomplice. I wanted to hold clandestine meetings with my mate. I wanted that trust that common cause most of all I wanted to kill my predecessor whose brutal reputation cursed me wherever I went. I took a deep breath trying to calm down and think, trying not succeeding because a few growly words escaped my throat along with a hint of fire and ash who was that? I jerked my thumb in the direction of the lion shifter. Robin gave me that exasperated look usually reserved for her fool of a brother and that hurt. He's a monk. Daniel. That man is no more a monk than I am. The previous sheriff of Nottingham. She softened a tiny bit. Well, some things you can't change. He's stuck being a monk. You're stuck being sheriff. I've been declared an outlaw. I gave her that sheriff. Look, I'd been practicing for the crime of her crossed arms and deadly expression told me that was a secret. She would never reveal. Never. My dragon asked hurt all over again. The way you could have turned down the chance to do the right thing with Robert's loot to her skull. Admitted I clicked my jaw and turned my anger back to the monk. Whoever he is. I don't trust him. Robin made a face. What about trusting me? Of course, I trust you was my first instinct. But five long, hard years in foreign lands had ground the trust right out of me. I thought that would fade when I returned home. But no, the way things were going, trust had become just as precious a commodity here as it had been in war. Our eyes were locked and I could see the same troubles occupying Robin's mind. Then my soul warmed the way it only did around my mate. And that hard edge softened again. If we can't trust each other. Robin. We can't trust anyone. Her chest rose and fell before she answered in a whisper. I want to trust you. I do trust you, Daniel. But the sheriff part, I clenched my jaw. You know what you heard about? Wasn't me? That would never be me. Her gaze wavered and I knew she wanted to believe, but she was cautious too. Something I ought to have been grateful for Robin, Had to protect herself. Even for me, the thought, cut my heart though I want what you want, Robin. She studied me closely. And what is that us? I nearly said and that was the truth. I wanted us to act on the promise we'd made when I'd left that we would find each other again and spend the rest of our days together. Unfortunately, those days weren't in sight yet. So instead of saying us, I want us, I went to the other goal. We both shared justice, peace, a better life for those who struggle the most. Her amber eyes heated to a fiery glow. I do that by giving to the poor. How exactly do you help? Exactly the question I'd asked myself because helping the poor wasn't exactly in my job description, but I couldn't stand by and do nothing. I hold guards back when they go too far. I've called off the most brutal punishments. She flapped a hand unimpressed. That's simply not being cruel. What do you do to actually help. I rocked on my heels considering how much to reveal. The more I told her the more I risked myself. But if I wanted Robin to trust me, I had to trust her. I've put a moratorium on torture and physical punishments. I've extended deadlines for outstanding taxes. I've clamped down on the guards conduct. She didn't look impressed. So I had to aim closer to home. I help you. I hissed, keeping my voice low.