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How to prevent fraud in your non profit business

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who's responsible for nonprofit fraud the crooks off course, but mostly the board and senior management At just asleep at the switch, they do not ensure adequate financial checks and balances and organizations, nor implemented proper financial systems and controls necessary to prevent fraud. Theft, fraud. ANDI Simple stealing from non profit public charities. Eason National Tragedy In this book, I will give you real life examples of how and why such fraud occurs and offer practical tips on how to prevent it from happening to your organization. Misappropriation of assets and embezzlements and none profits is common. It happens more often than you think. It is relatively easy to do by employees intent on fraud, and it is possible to prevent with simple to implement yet strong, well designed financial systems and procedures. Financial fraud committed by trusted nonprofit employees is a ticking time bomb waiting to go off if the organization does not take the necessary precautions. An organization is more susceptible to financial fraud if it has lax financial controls with few checks and balances, and then compounds a problem. But looking the other way sound familiar? Who is responsible for nonprofit fraud? The crooks off course but mostly the board and senior managers are also asleep at the switch. All the crooks could not have succeeded. The board and management don't demand and implement adequate financial checks and balances in the organization. This book is written from nonprofit board members, senior members and also donors. You are the folks who can best protect your organization from fraud. It is not all that complicated to do. This book will show you how.