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if you are loved, one are suffering from 80 HD PTSD anxiety, sleep disorders or any other neurological problem. Your health care provider may recommend a brain scan to check for a regular brainwaves. Having a brain scan at sandstone center for neurofeedback is an easy, painless and non invasive process. After you're greeted by one of our team members, Bell place what looks like a swim cap on your head. A number of sensors that are attached to the cab will measure your brainwave activity while you perform certain tasks. First, you'll be asked to sit with your eyes closed for six minutes, then with your eyes open for an additional six minutes. During this time, the cap is measuring electrical activity in the brain. It's that simple. Once the scan results have been compiled, you'll receive a folder that contains copies of all the tests, and their results at that time will discuss a treatment plan to help correct any frequency abnormalities we find