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advance focuses on the development of flexible industrial spaces and innovative services where modern architecture and technology come together to promote environments of well being. Advance has been operating since 2007 in Mexico, with presence in Tijuana Ramos arteries Monterrey, Guadalajara. Allow Celaya Oppa say well, grand Get it Daro San Juan del Rio, Toluca in Mexico City, key locations for the industrial and logistic growth of the country, where advance has invested over $700 million in development of multiple industrial projects since 2014 Advance has been financially supported by one of Canada's largest pension investment managers, which together with a team of over 70 professionals, have made advance one of the fastest growing industrial developers in Mexico. This growth has allowed for the rise of a community advanced community where efficiency, connectivity, security, social and environmental responsibility are part of our commitment to customers, suppliers, investors and employees. More than 200 companies from 19 countries are part of the advanced community supported at all times by the customer charity, which guarantees their well being and satisfaction through personal and technological support available in each park, Advanced promotes the highest quality standards you're its participation in the program for competitive industrial areas. Their sustainability broke ice as well as in the pilot test for creation of em pip Secure Industrial Park recognition. Our goal is to continue developing industrial spaces that anticipate the evolution of the market, promote growth through an ecosystem that advocates for the well being of people way, our innovation way, our growth. We are well being way, our advance.