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Warm , Trusting , professional , guy next door , buddy , friend , honest , approachable , caring , knowledgable , helpful , confident

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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if your business success means damage to others and future generations. If your business results are defined by financials only, regardless of your impact on society and environment. If win win is not a gold anymore, then illegal or illegitimate actions become the company's culture, your stock prices air tumbling, reputation turns negative and margins shrink. The organization loses its soul and its attraction for new talents. Therefore, we need to re think and re do business because we can do better. Triple Leader creates the leadership culture with purpose and meaning. We help you to create true collective value as a license to operate in the 21st century, an executive coaching and leadership workshops. Your leaders reflect on their values. Learn how to build trust and to leverage fair business opportunities for sustainable results because we want your business to thrive with high margins, meaningful innovations and unique contributions to all stakeholders. Triple leader excellence and people, Planet and profit