Zirkle Elearning Demo, Adult American Male



Recorded on TZ Stellar X2 mic and produced by J. Michael Demos.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM)


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Welcome to the Baskin Robbins team. The very first thing we want you to do is seize the you you see some people think happiness is elusive. Well they don't see what we see major bed. That's a reason to celebrate. See happiness isn't a lottery win. It's a choice you can make like the supremely excellent choice you made to join our team. Okay, hit next because our bodies are going to keep the happiness train moving. Taijiquan or what we know in the west is tai chi is a complete martial arts system with a full range of bare hand movement sets and weapon forms based on the dynamic relationship between yin and yang. The concept of the taiji supreme ultimate. In contrast with Wu ji without ultimate appears in both Daoist and Confucian philosophy there it represents the fusion of yin and yang into a single ultimate. Look at these details from a paragraph about the same topic. You can eat whole sunflower seeds or put them in snack bars. Sunflower seeds can be made into a spread like peanut butter. Now choose the main idea that ties all the details together. Is it a sunflower seeds are yellow, be sunflower seeds come in many colors or seed. Sunflower seeds are a useful source of food. Sonya, can you confirm for me that Jason is on family medical leave from the warehouse due to a back injury. Yeah he said his doctor told him he couldn't lift anything heavy for six weeks. I've had a report that he's been moonlighting at the distribution center. If it's true. His second job indicates he lied to us about his serious back injury, which is a fireable offense. Profusion. M. R. I. Has been widely used to evaluate neuro oncology cases because of the strong correlation between tumor neo angiogenesis and grading. Currently, the most widely utilized profusion M. R. I. Protocol for brain tumors is dynamic susceptibility contrast DSC, which allows for the calculation of the relative cerebral blood volume.