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Video games are the fastest-growing segment of the gaming industry, and demand is continuing to expand around the world. Selecting the right voice over is crucial to immersing the players in the mindset of the characters and the video game world. When you’re looking to find the perfect video game character voice actor, you need a skilled actor who can really take your game to the next level.

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Video Game Project Voice Over Requirements

  • Creating a sense of believability with the right voice: The right voice in a video game, whether it’s the protagonist or the antagonist, needs to be able to create a sense of believability with the gamers and really sell the story.
  • Versatility and consistency in the read: Video game characters are placed in multi-faceted situations throughout the plot of the game and need to adapt to various changes - changes that can be produced with different feeling and emotion through voice, all while remaining true to the character and the character’s voice.
  • A voice actor who can act: The voice of a video game character needs to be the voice of an actor. It’s not simply enough to read the lines, but to have the lines performed in a way that resonate with the audience and further the storyline of the game.
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Why Is The World’s Source For Video Game Voice Actors

  • Experienced and versatile actors: voice actors are experienced professionals with a wide range of skills at their disposal. They have been hired for over 12,000 video game projects. They are experienced and trained actors with a wide range of experience in genres like video games, animation, etc., which enables them to provide quality performances. They are versatile in their reads and can create a connection with their audience through their voice.
  • Competitive rates on video game content: Get high-quality recordings from professional voice actors who have the training for the performance they will need to create for your video game. Plus, many are experienced audio editors, meaning you get the best value, all for a competitive rate.
  • Every style of read at your fingertips: With experienced video game voice over actors at, you can find the perfect voice actor (or actors) for your project. From the voice of a warrior to the voice of a child, voice actors have the skills to adapt their voices to your needs.
  • Global voice actors, authentic native speakers: voice actors live in over 160 countries, and speak over 100 languages, accents and dialects, ensuring you can achieve the authentic read you need from real native speakers.

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Top Vocal Qualities for Video Game Voice Over

Here are the top 5 vocal qualities (known as ‘styles’) that video game
clients source from in order to achieve a believable character:

One Source for Global Voices

As video games only continue to grow in popularity around the world, games are needed in every language. So, if you have a game that’s been produced in Icelandic, Spanish, Thai, Urdu or any language in between, you can find an authentic native speaker for your video game voice over at Video Game Client Case Studies


What They Needed

Mayadem specializes in game-based education apps for children. They needed engaging voices able to teach children ages two and up about shapes, animals and colors, all while expanding their vocabulary. They needed voice actors from all over the world to dub their games into different languages in order to reach an international audience.

Five Little Sheeps Jigsaw Puzzle. Video Game for Mayadem

What We Delivered & The Results

  • 12 children’s games
  • 16 character voices
  • 9 different voice actors
  • First global launch
  • Many reads - talent voiced a couple of different versions of the script as alternatives
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Quick Tips For Hiring Voice Over When Creating A Video Game

What To Look For When Selecting Your Video Game Voice Over Actor

Notice how the voice actor delivers your script
Taking direction means being able to adhere to script markups (such as pronunciation indicators) with ease and adapt to the flow of the project.

You find the dialogue convincing
Volume, timbre and accent should be taken into consideration when searching for the ideal voice over professional. Think especially of cutscenes, which help to develop and move the plot through conversation.

They have experience with video games or other performance based genres
Video game voice actors are truly putting on performances with their voice alone. Finding a voice actor with experience in this industry, or at least demos to showcase their versatility, is crucial to setting up your video game project for success.

Know your audience
Your listening audience may enjoy a certain style of voicing, expect words to be pronounced in a particular way, or be accustomed to hearing a specific voice type. Knowing this about your audience will help you to decide who should be the voice of your video game character.

Consistency is key
A video game project is a long term project. Finding a voice actor who is able to sound consistent throughout the whole game is crucial to an engaging gaming experience, especially if they have come up with a unique-sounding character voice, different from their normal speaking voice. Give your voice actors long pieces of the script so they can maintain the same read throughout.

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Working With Multiple Voice Actors Remotely

If you have multiple voice actors who will be recording separately, it can be helpful to enable each voice actor to hear a vocal sample of their ‘cast members.’ You can do this by providing each voice actor with an audio file (audition, or snippet from a scene in the game) of each other's reads.

When voice actors work together, their aim is to enhance the story and convey the message, along with ensuring that their voice fits within the end project seamlessly. By enabling each actor to hear their cast mates, you allow them to assess how their voice will fit amongst the other characters.

Tips for Helping Your Voice Actor Bring Your Character to Life

There are ways you can help your voice actor nail their read of your script and create engaging and authentic character voices, just as you envisioned.

Here are a few things you can do during the process to minimize the amount of revisions and retakes:

1. Providing images to your voice actor
For the voice actor to really bring your video game character to life, it helps if you provide them with as many images as possible. An image of what the character looks like, or the scenery they will live in, will really help your voice actor give the most authentic and believable read possible.This could also include a storyboard to really help them get a sense of the game world and the storyline.

2. Provide a piece of the dialogue when auditioning voice actors
While you may not want to reveal the entire script, you should have all auditioning voice actors read a lengthy piece of dialogue in order to really get a feel of how they portray your character and if it is to the desired effect.

3. Let them get physical
Giving them a script that is complete with actions, will allow your voice actor to perform those same actions in their recording booth. Does your character jump up and down a lot? Give those cues to your voice actor so they can consider that in their performance and really get into the context and mindset of the character.

4. Outline the character’s emotional development
If your storyline is complex, it could help you voice actor immensely by providing them with a character development. This could simply be a few lines that tell the story of the character so that the voice actor has an idea of the emotion they should be portraying at certain points throughout the narrative.

Creative Brief

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