What We Launched in Summer 2020

Nothing motivates us more than good weather and improving the experience of our clients and talent and, fortunately, over the summer we had the pleasure of enjoying both! In fact, the summer months marked the busiest part of the year for us, during which we released the most updates in a three-month period so far. Speaking of threes, this marks the third in our series of Platform Update Recaps, what a coincidence! So, let’s take a look at what kept us, and our members, so busy during July, August, and September.


Work with Talent in Real Time with Live Directed Session

We kicked off July by addressing an increasingly important client need: the ability to quickly find and work with talent through a live directed session. With a lot of our members not able to connect in-person during a studio session, we enabled our talent to indicate on their profile the various technologies they use to work with, and receive feedback from, clients in real time as they record their performance. At the same time, we gave clients the ability to filter talent search results by these various technologies, allowing them to privately invite the talent best suited to their project.

Voices Enterprise: Your Solution for Voice Over at Scale

At the end of July, we marked a big milestone for Voices: the launch of our second client subscription plan, Voices Enterprise. Designed for completing voice over projects at scale, Voices Enterprise offered our clients that rely on voice over the most, the tools and flexibility to get a high volume of jobs done quickly, and with the full support of our platform.


Track Your Performance with Enhanced Statistics

In August, we introduced what quickly became one of our most popular updates, and that’s improved talent statistics! For Premium and Platinum talent, we provided better insight into how they were performing on our platform across a variety of stats, like Booking Ratio, Average Earnings per Job, and Total (lifetime) Earnings. We also introduced some new client-facing statistics like Usually Replies In, Member Since, and Completed Jobs, so clients could better understand a prospective talent’s engagement and history with us. 

Know More, Work Faster with New Job List and Detail Pages

Before we ended the month, we made some substantial visual and workflow changes to two of the most visited pages on our platform: the Jobs List and Jobs Detail pages. For both clients and talent, we updated the layouts, added helpful tooltips and streamlined the overall look to better surface the important information needed when managing jobs or responding to jobs respectively. 


We Made a Change to Jobs in Deciding

In order to keep our talent up-to-date on the status of jobs they’ve responded to, we conducted a one-time clean up of jobs that had been ‘In Deciding’ for a considerable amount of time. Additionally, we created automated email reminders for our clients to ensure they are updating the status of their jobs after they’ve been posted.

Keep Track of Transactions with Improved Billing History

Whether they are independent business owners, freelance creatives, or multinational brands, our clients have one thing in common: the need to monitor budgets and track expenses. That’s why we made improvements to our Billing History experience, including an updated design that better highlights important billing-related information and statuses, better filtering, and the ability to download historical billing information.


Improved Job Posting and Management: Give More Direction, Get Better Auditions

This update included a variety of changes, designed to help our clients give more direction in their job postings, better manage jobs, and see even more information about prospective talent. In that order, we added a Reference Material field to the job posting form, the ability for clients to delete draft jobs, and a new ‘Last Online’ statistic on talent profiles.

Scan, Save, Submit: Faster Auditions with Saved Jobs

We ended the summer with a long-awaited talent feature: the ability to save jobs. With this new functionality, talent can quickly scan the Jobs List or Job Details pages, find jobs they are interested in responding to, save them to a new ‘Saved’ list, and then respond one-by-one with as few mouse clicks and as little friction as possible.

What’s Coming up for Fall 2020

What a whirlwind! Like we said, we were very busy over the summer. With that mind, we plan to take a bit of a break over the fall while we prepare for some exciting updates we have planned for 2021. Despite the planned break, we have already released a number of changes since winter started, including:

Before we wrap up 2020, we will be extending our Voices Verified program to our Premium members, so keep an eye out for that update over the next month or so.

To keep up to date on what improvements we are introducing, visit the Product News section of our blog, subscribe to our marketing communications, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn

As always, if you’ve got ideas for features you’d like to see on our platform, feel free to email us at [email protected]. Thanks for continuing to work with us, take care and stay safe.

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