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Paul Strikwerda, Easton, USA

$2300 In The Bank

Two months ago, I decided to challenge My dollar-a-day membership plan paid off big time. With $2300 in the bank, I had earned more than 38 times my investment.

Paul Strikwerda, Easton, USA
Mike Kirby, Toronto, Canada

Working From Carolina To Dubai puts the power back into the hands of the performer. No longer do I sit and wait for the phone to ring from my agent in town. I book my share of voice-over work from Carolina to Dubai.

Mike Kirby, Toronto, Canada
John McCann, Maine, USA

Seeing The Future

I get up every morning wondering if I'm going to be a singing squirrel, talking alien, or promote the next reality TC show. Bravo for helping me see the future, one voice-over at a time.

John McCann, Maine, USA
Vanessa Hart, Burbank, USA

Partners In Growth

The best part of has been a wonderful partner in growing my voice business and the venue allowed me branch out to writing, engineering and producing for others.

Vanessa Hart, Burbank, USA

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