Attending The Recording Session

Scheduling a Recording Session

  • Making a great first impression
  • Abiding by studio etiquette
  • Interacting with the recording engineer, voice talent and voice/booth director (if there is one)
  • Having fun while building relationships


Letting The Talent Do Their Magic

Talent will, with the resources you’ve provided to them, do the following:

  • Decoding artistic direction in voice-overs
  • Deciding what to do when artistic direction is lacking
  • Keeping characters straight
  • Recording your voice
  • Listening to the finished product

Collaborating Remotely

Why would you want to do this? Most recording sessions these days involve people who are not in the same physical location. When you cast online, the talent you’re working with could be on the other side of the country let alone the other side of the world! There are proven ways to do this well. Here are a few options to consider if you want to direct the recording session.

  • Phone Patch
  • Skype
  • FaceTime
  • Recording In Person