Finding The Right Service Provider

Have a quick job you want to manage yourself?

Our voice-over marketplace can connect you directly with over 200,000 talent to get you exactly the voice you’re after. Need a Finnish pirate? We’ve got that (several, actually). An upbeat, girl-next-door? No problem. You have the option of posting your job yourself, getting auditions within minutes, selecting and awarding the job, and having your final broadcast-quality audio file delivered within hours if required.


Have a project you just need taken care of? will give you a dedicated account manager who will work to understand your project needs and help with casting, translation, project management, creative direction, post-production and more, all while working within your budget and timeline.

Working with our account managers is a great choice if you:

  • don’t have time to listen to 100 or more auditions
  • would like added benefits like streaming or downloading audio shortlists for sharing with your client or others
  • want to set-up a live direction recording session
  • or simply just want to do other things while knowing your project is being taken care of quickly and done right


Comparing Prices

When you audition talent, each one of them will quote you their own rate for the work. Something you can do beforehand to get a feel for how much your voice-over will cost is to look at a standard rate sheet. We have a great one that thousands of people reference each month at In fact, this is the most popular page on our website! The following has rates for a variety of uses of voice-over ranging from broadcast to non-broadcast applications.

Remember that each talent reserves the right to charge their own rates. You can post your job with a fixed rate, or, select a budget range for what you are prepared to pay for the voice-over. Keep in mind that it’s the voice, its relation to your brand and interpretation of your script that you should trump other factors when making your decision on who to hire. When surveyed, our clients overwhelmingly said that it was the quality of the voice-over that came in first, with cost being one of the least important factors for them.

The talent who quotes the least isn’t necessarily going to give you the best value. A talent who quotes higher or above your budget range won’t necessarily be the right fit for your project either. For the most part on, talent quoting in the middle of a budget range tend to have the most success booking jobs. This isn’t to say that talent who quote higher don’t book. They do!


Whether you choose to manage your job yourself or have us help, you always have the benefit of:

  • No cost auditions
  • No obligation quotes
  • Access to the largest community of voice-over talent in the world

Now let’s get you started: click here, or give us a call at 1-888-359-3472.