Hiring the Best Voice Actor for Your Project

Ultimate Guide To Hiring Voice Actors

Hiring the best voice actor for your project on Voices is straightforward.

This page will lead you through the exciting process of formally hiring the voice actor (or actors) that you and your colleagues have decided to hire for the job.

This phase of your project is one of the most fun and rewarding stages of seeking out, auditioning, and deciding on the perfect voice, and it marks the beginning of your collaboration with the best voice actor for your team’s forthcoming projecting.

Giving Approval to Your Chosen Voice Actor

After you, your team and your client(s) have listened through auditions, and have gained consensus on the right voice actor for the project, it’s time to award the job to your chosen voice actor.

Voices makes the hiring process easy: all you need to do is click the ‘Hire’ button next to the talent’s audition. Clicking ‘Hire’ triggers an email notification that lets the talent know that you would like to move ahead with them.

The voice talent will then be given the opportunity to accept your job offer and dive right into the recording process.

Congratulating the Talent

Although talent will have already received a notification alerting them that their audition was successful and that they’ve been awarded the role, you are more than welcome to reach out personally and send your hired voice talent a brief ‘Thank You’ message.

Giving the voice actor that courtesy can also extend your professional relationship beyond the auditioning stage, and grant you the opportunity to flesh out the vision for your project, and spell out additional notes and expectations.

Reaching Agreement on Voice Over Deliverables

Before your hired voice actor begins to work on the recording, it’s a good idea to touch base to ensure that there are no misconceptions about your expectations for the project.

Don’t shy away from being upfront about your specific expectations. If you absolutely need your recording completed and delivered by a certain date, let that be known. Articulate whether you want the talent to attend a recording studio session, take part in a directed recording session via video chat, or whether you expect the entire job to be completed without ever speaking face-to-face.

If it hasn’t already been specified in the voice actor’s proposal, you should come to an agreement about the number of takes and revisions included in the price of the job.

Lay the groundwork and then get it in writing so that you’re both on the same page. If you take these precautions to avoid lapses in communication, you won’t have anything to worry about when it comes to your project being completed the way you envision.

Signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement

A non-disclosure agreement, or NDA, is a legally binding contract that enforces a confidential relationship between all parties to protect any type of classified or proprietary information, or trade secrets.

While it is highly-unlikely that a voice actor would ever publicize the content of your project, voice actors are not intrinsically bound by contract or obligation to keep the projects they’re working on under wraps, unless they’ve signed an NDA.

Here are some common reasons why an NDA may be issued prior to finalizing the contract with the hired voice actor:

  • The project revolves around a forthcoming sale or marketing initiative that you’d like to keep secret from your competitors
  • The project contains sensitive information, such as financial statistics, germinal prototypes, upcoming product or business launches, or more
  • The project is a movie or television production that, while currently auditioning roles, requires the details of the production to be kept secret until officially announced
  • To ensure the company’s brand image is protected

Hiring Voice Actors on Voices is a Breeze

Professionals who come to Voices to find their perfect voice are also often balancing an array of commitments and deadlines, are strapped for time, and are simultaneously striving to please a number of parties. This is why Voices offers the fastest and easiest way to find and hire voice talent who possess the precise vocal attributes you need, from the largest pool of talent on any online voice over marketplace.

Through Voices, you can also collaboratively listen through a series of high-quality auditions with your team, and ultimately hire the best voice actor for your project who you have decided to move ahead with.