Selecting a Voice Actor For Your Project

Giving Approval

Once you have determined which voice talent you are going to work with, you’ll need to reach out and let the voice talent know of your decision. Depending on how you got to this stage, you may need to negotiate terms. If you used an online marketplace, this can be as simple as clicking a button along the lines of “Award Job” to notify the voice artist that you want to move ahead with them based upon their audition and quote for the job. Upon doing this, the talent will be given the opportunity to accept your job and begin the recording process.

Selecting a Talent

  • Understanding the hiring process
  • Communicating with your talent
  • Reviewing the final script
  • Finalizing the agreement
  • Planning for contingencies

Awarding The Job

Once you know who you’d like to work with, all you need to do is find that talent’s audition and award the job to them. This will trigger an email notification letting the voice talent know that they have been selected.


Congratulating The Talent

If you’d like to reach out personally to the talent by sending them a Thank You, you can easily move ahead with this at that stage. They’ll already be elated to receive the notification we send them about the job being awarded but would equally love to receive a message from you at that time if you so choose.


Getting a Contract Signed

At this point, they will be prompted to accept the Agreement before getting started on the work.


Signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement

If there is a non-disclosure requirement, you’ll need to provide the talent with that paperwork and have them sign off on it before fully committing to the work.