Writing The Script

What makes you a good writer? Creativity sets you apart.

One question to ask in interviews is, “What do you consider to be your most creative achievement?”

People often gravitate toward the arts, but creativity can be expressed in many ways. Some of the most brilliant creatives were scientists and mathematicians.

Creativity is connecting things that other people don’t see.


Defining Creativity:

“Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That’s because they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things.” -Steve Jobs (1955-2011)


Making Connections

Inspiration: Keeping your eyes, ears and heart open to the world around you.
Correlation: Drawing connections between people, places and things.
Application: Expressing connected thoughts in concrete, meaningful ways.

Filling your creativity pipeline - Be observant - see life through a different lens:

   ✓    Be open minded

   ✓    Anything can serve as a catalyst

   ✓    Take different perspectives into account

   ✓    Notice things that other people don’t

   ✓    Jot down thoughts as they happen so that you don’t lose them


Finding inspiration

   ✓    Visit websites

   ✓    Go to the library

   ✓    Leaf through a magazine

   ✓    Observe social media activity

   ✓    Appreciate content, design and usability

   ✓    Study a topic completely new to you

   ✓    Talk to other people


Connecting Thoughts

   ✓    Relate present observations or tasks to past experiences

   ✓    Draw parallels between the present and the past in effort to identify common ground

   ✓    Use that understanding to infuse meaning into something new

   ✓    In theatrical circles, drawing upon past experiences to evoke an emotional response in an actor is called method acting


What to Draw Upon

   ✓    Life experience

   ✓    Relationships

   ✓    Education

   ✓    Work

   ✓    Culture

   ✓    Memories


Setting the Stage for Creativity

   ✓    Compile your notes

   ✓    Get a cup of tea (or coffee, juice, H2O)

   ✓    Seek isolation

   ✓    Get cracking on your project or task

   ✓    Stick to it; when you’re in the zone, stay there


Find at least 3 to 5 other ways to repurpose what you have created to fuel your campaign or project (creativity can promote productivity):

   ✓    Could it be a blog post?

   ✓    A newsletter item?

   ✓    Rolled into a training session?

   ✓    Used to answer customer inquiries?

   ✓    Included in a podcast?

Worried about writing the script? Don’t think you’re creative enough?



   ✓    Anyone can be creative

   ✓    Creativity is about connecting things

   ✓    Ideas and insights have value

   ✓    Write your ideas and connections down

   ✓    You can capitalize on creativity

   ✓    There is more than one way to be creative

   ✓    Being creative helps you work smarter, not harder

   ✓    Creativity is a skill many employers look for

Knowing The Limitations

Creativity requires constraints. What would a painting be without a canvas? Or, what are words without the paper they are written on? Music notes without a key signature, placement on a stave, an assigned meter or note value would be frustrating to work with to say the least! Boundaries help creative people to make art with purpose and design.

Time limits

Trying to figure out how many words you can fit into the timeframe you’ve been allotted? We’ve developed a tool you might find handy right about...now! You can input the word count and reading speed to know what the estimated run time of the final product will be.


Word Count Limit

The amount of time it takes for you to read the script aloud should not exceed the amount of time allocated to the spot. In fact, you’ll want to have a bit of breathing room there so that the voice can deliver the message in a way that is discernable and comfortable for the listener! If you find that you have too many words in your script, it’s time to start pruning. If you need to revisit entire sentence structuring, go for it! Your voice artist and your audience will thank you.

Getting The Timing Right - How many words per minute?

Speaking too slowly - What effect does this have?

Speaking too fast - What effect does this have?

When a voice artist speeds through a script, something has to give. Usually it is how well the message comes across.

Before you gain final approval on your script (and certainly before posting the job to the voice-over marketplace), be sure that you factor in word count and time constraints, especially if the voice work will be used in a commercial context or in one where the voice needs to match what is happening on a screen.