Receiving Audio Files: Completing Your Voice Over Job

Ultimate Guide To Hiring Voice Actors

You’re just about ready to cap off the rewarding process of hiring a voice actor to work on your project and reap the benefits that come with wielding the ‘power of voice.’

Now, the final correspondence with your voice actor is essential to successfully complete the voice over project, as it involves receiving, reviewing, and approving the audio files containing the completed voice over recording.

Sometimes this stage is as quick and simple as receiving and downloading the files via Voices. Other times, extra steps will factor into the completion of your project, whether they involve script edits, re-recording requests, or more.

Coming to an Agreement

After you have reached out to voice talent and offered them the job, if they accept the role, you must then come to an agreement concerning the final terms of your project. These terms will include the delivery date of the final files and the overall rate talent will be getting paid for their work. After making the deposit for the project, you will be prompted to settle on an agreed due date and final script with the voice talent.

If you are casting multiple voice actors for the same job, then it is additionally possible for you to draw up separate agreements for each of them.

Corresponding With Voice Talent to Finalize Files

Throughout the recording process, you will want to keep in close contact with talent to check in about how they’re progressing, and remain easily accessible in order to promptly answer any questions they encounter.

Voices makes it easy for clients to correspond with voice talent through the site’s messaging service. In fact, a message thread is opened as soon as an agreement has been accepted, which will enable you to communicate with voice actors whenever you want. It provides a home where all of your correspondence can live.

How are Voice Actors Paid?

SurePay™ is Voices’s online payment service that processes your payment and distributes funds to voice talent for work that has been completed.

When your job agreement was originally made with the voice actor, you would have been required to make a deposit, which would be held by SurePay until you are satisfied with the work and the project is complete.

Learn more about SurePay.

Requesting Edits of a Voice Over Recording

Occasionally, you will receive an audio file of a recording from voice talent that diverges from your expectations. You can easily message talent if you would like an edit or retake of a recording, including providing additional artistic direction about what you’d like to be done differently.

Accepting Project Files

Once voice talent upload the audio files of their finished recording, you’ll have the ability to download and review them.

Don’t worry: you don’t run the risk of losing the files on your computer, because once they’re uploaded, Voices hosts the files so you can access them time and time again.

Once you’ve accepted the files, and find that you’re happy with the read and quality, then you can select to ‘Release Payment’ to the talent.

Leaving Ratings and Reviews to Compliment Talent on a Job Well Done

The relationship you create with voice talent doesn’t have to come to a halt once the project wraps. If you’re satisfied with the voice over services you’ve received, you’re highly encouraged to leave a star rating and review on your voice talent’s profile to commend them for their job well done.

Additionally you can leave a review on the voice actor’s profile outlining your experience working with them. Reviews are publicly visible, and identify those voice actors who are commonly hired for their talent and abilities. Your feedback is an indication of the professionalism of a voice actor, and will serve as a strong reference the next time a client is considering hiring them to read for their project.

Submitting a Success Story

Every story behind how someone has used Voices as their primary source for voice actors is distinct and worth telling.

You’re always welcome to submit your story to be showcased alongside other client Success Stories on the website. If you would like to join the roster of companies and agencies that have made Voices their go-to every time they need to hire a voice actor to read for a role, contact us and tell us about your story today.