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North American (General) , North American (South West - Texas) , North American (US New England - Boston, Providence) , North American (US Upper Midwest - Fargo, Minnesota)


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welcome to this orientation Training for new Humana Claims approval agents. If you expected that, you would have to check your soul at the door as we take you on a heartless journey through the various ways you can deny claims. I'm sorry to disappoint you. Your job is a Humana claims approval agent is to approve claims. It's even in your title. In case you hadn't noticed. Thesis Kevin, he doesn't really look like a Kevin, does he? More like a Terminator, actually. But he's not here from the future to prevent you from fulfilling a secret mission to save the world. He's here to do the tedious tasks on the Coca Cola factory floor that people don't like to dio in this module. You're going to learn about how Coca Cola is incorporating artificial intelligence into our workforce while preserving jobs at the same time. That's right. Alice has seven sheep. If Alice has seven sheep and Billy has three chickens and June has six sheep, who has the most animals? Well, Steve, we need to talk about your speeding tickets. Mambo. Okay. What about him? No, they aren't technically a violation of your parole. Well, what's the problem then, but your parole can be revoked if you show contempt or disregard for the law. And to be honest, four speeding tickets in the three months since your release Seems like you don't care very much. I I do. I just did. I know I drive too fast. I'll be careful. Do you really want to go back to prison? Okay, you can consider yourself warned now, but if I see another ticket this year, you will be facing serious consequences. Perry Partum Cardio myopathy reflects the presence of cardiac failure in the absence of determine herbal heart disease and occurs in late third trimester of pregnancy. A full understanding of path of physiological mechanisms is lacking, but excess prolactin levels, chemo, dynamic alterations, inflammation and nutritional deficiencies have all been implicated.