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A step by step explainer delineating how-to install your attraction magnetic flooring. Upbeat, relatable, friendly, clear.

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Hi there. I'm jen. And today I'm going to show you how to install your attraction magnetic flooring. The first step to a successful installation is careful preparation. Follow these pre installation steps for best results. Step one verify that all material to be installed is from the same run. Minor shade variations within the same run number are normal. However, installing material from different run numbers across large expanses is not desirable. Step two next turn on the H back at least one week prior to installation, room temperature should be maintained between 65 degrees and 85 F or 18 degrees and 29 degrees Celsius and 35 to 85% ambient room humidity for 48 hours prior all times during and maintain temperature continuously after installation. Step three acclimate the materials for at least 48 hours prior to installation, place unopened cartons and stacks of no more than six high and at least six inches apart away from heating and cooling ducks and direct sunlight cartons should never be stored or left standing on end. Step four floor moldings including quarter round and wall base should be carefully removed. Prior to installation, Step five, confirm your substrate is suitable for use with attraction products and perform the appropriate moisture checks. Concrete substrates must be tested for relative humidity, moisture and ph test results must not exceed 85% relative humidity. The calcium chloride test for moisture must be no more than £8 per 1000 square feet in 24 hours. M. V. E. R. And ph test for alkalinity levels. Should register between seven and nine wood substrates should be checked using an appropriate moisture meter. Even if no obvious sign of moisture is present, moisture levels must not exceed 14%. Step six. Next check your substrate for level substrates must be sturdy, sound and flat within 3/16 of an inch within a 10 ft radius without any abrupt height variations. In addition, the substrate should not slope more than one inch per six ft in any direction if necessary, fill large cracks or voids with an appropriate patching compound. When installing over ceramic tile, grout lines must be filled. Pre existing adhesives must be removed so all that remains is a thin, smooth film. The remaining film should be properly encapsulated using an appropriate floor patching compound or completely removed by a non chemical method such as shop blasting or grinding. Step seven wood door casing should be undercut to allow your product to fit neatly underneath. Do not cut metal door casings, cut your flooring around them, leaving the appropriate expansion space. Step eight Finally sweep and vacuum the entire sub floor to remove all debris and dust and you're ready to begin. Step nine, perform a final inspection of the substrate and product. Make sure your substrate is completely clean, dry, smooth and flat and all necessary preparations have been documented and completed. Now let's install your attraction magnetic flooring. Step one, prepare your tools and material the tools required to install attraction flooring are a pencil, straight edge, your square tape measure utility knife, tapping block and chalk line attraction magnetic flooring is a two part installation system. Part one is the magnet build magnetic underlayment. Part two is the attraction. L. V. T. Flooring attraction is available in both plank and tile formats. Regardless of what you're installing, you will first install the magna build magnetic underlayment as your base layer step to roll out the MBS underlayment perpendicular to the direction of the plank, leaving a one quarter inch expansion space around all fixed vertical objects. The magni build underlayment rolls out with the correct magnetic side up, continue to roll out the underlayment, but it together with no gaps or overlaps until the entire floor is covered. Step three, find the center of one end of the room, locate the same point at the other end, snap a chalk line between these points to mark the center line. For plank installations, you will first need to balance the room starting from your newly created center line, assemble a column of material toward the wall until no additional pieces can be laid. If the perimeter piece is less than half the width of a piece offset the starting center line by shifting away from the wall by a distance equal to half the width of a piece. This is your new starting line. Lay row by row or in a pyramid fashion, working towards the perimeter. A tapping block should be used to ensure that planks are perfectly aligned to eliminate any gaps. Step four, to finish the installation measure mark and cut perimeter pieces, maintaining the one quarter inch expansion space at all. Fixed vertical objects. Use care when cutting Metro floor L. V. T. With attraction. Any debris from cutting will be attracted to the MBS base layer. If debris is trapped under the planks it will telegraph through the floor. If installing tile, you will need to square the entire room before installing the tiles measure from the center starting line to the side walls to determine the size of the first and last tiles. If the resulting border is too small in either direction, move the starting line over by the amount of one half of the tile. You can also square the room by using the 345 triangle method. Begin by laying tiles from the center of the room in a pyramid fashion. While working towards the walls measure mark and cut perimeter pieces. Making sure to maintain a one quarter inch expansion space at all vertical objects. After all planks or tiles are installed. Cover the expansion space with trim being sure not to trap or pin down the floor. Please note that in high moisture areas. The expansion space may be filled using premium 100% silicone sealant and that's about it. For more information about Metro floor L. V. T. With attraction magnetic attachment technology and additional installation guidelines visit metro floor dot com