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module four. Taking a fresh look at your strongest interests. In our last lesson, we discussed your superpowers. How many did you come up with? Did you journal about one of them? How did this help you build more confidence in your abilities? Did it help you see that you have something special to offer in this lesson will add a new pillar. Today. We will not only continue our discussion on exploring personal interests and curiosity, but will also start considering gold setting and purpose driven choices. This is our fourth pillar, and it's focused on using personal interests and values to chart an individualized path. This lesson is called Taking. A fresh look at your strongest interests in the following activities will help you see your curiosities, Talents and interests can help you set important goals. Once you have a deeper understanding of yourself, including your values, interests and talents, you can start to set goals. To start. These goals can be based upon things you want to learn skills. You want to develop or improve or experiences you wanna have. For example, a goal could be I want to go to the beach this summer, a goal could be. I want to write my own music. Ah, goal Could be. I want to code a really cool app that other people need. Having goals inspires us to make purpose driven choices. Simply put, we make choices to spend our time and focus on activities that will help us meet our goals. More about goals. In Lesson two, we introduced the idea of smart goals. Do you remember what they are? They your goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound. If you're a kid who's never made a dime and you say I want to make a $1,000,000 by next week, you probably won't be able to. It's a goal that specific in time bound, but unless you have a known way to do it, it's probably not achievable in that time span. It doesn't mean you can't reach for the goal of being a millionaire entrepreneur. It's that it might take a little more time than that. When you set goals, you help create a path for your actions. It takes a set of steps to reach a goal. A goal is a tangible thing you can do or have, and it gives you something to focus on. Let's say you have a knack for math and technology for you. A goal of I Want to Be a Millionaire might need you to learn how to code APs. Once you've gotten really good at it, you'll look for a problem to solve using an app. Then you'll create an app and start selling it everywhere. Eventually it grows in popularity and you make your 1st 1,000,000 bucks. We'll discover a little more as we move into this next activity. My curiosity, my curiosity, a curiosity is a starting point for a goal. When you're interested and excited about something, you'll spend more time learning about it and trying to do it. Once you know how to do it, you might set goals to get better at it or to learn more about it. It becomes something toe help propel you forward. It can lead to ideas, and those ideas can maybe one day change the world. But for now, let's look at several curiosities, which one from each pair sounds the most exciting to you. Animals are music writing for reading, medicine or dancing. Working with Children, we're working with cars, art or mathematics, sports or gardening, teaching, dance or making on a roll, skydiving or cooking fashion or singing mountain climbing or traveling, helping people or running a business building homes for playing an instrument. Now look at the curiosities you chose. Pick one. Have you ever tried it? Is there anything you could do in the next year to learn about it or start doing it? Make that your goal in the next activity. Well, imagine that you've achieved an important goal and what it looks like when it happens. My life starring me. Imagine a life in which you have achieved an important goal. You can use the curiosity you chose in the last activity. If you'd like, you'll want to create a story and narrate your experiences. Dramatically describe the steps that lead you to success. For example, how did a deep interest in animals lead toe working hard to get into vet school? How to becoming a veterinarian lead to success and a feeling of fulfillment. Address any challenges you faced in your imaginary goal. Think about roadblocks that threatened to keep you from your goal, but how you overcame them. Think about how it feels to have achieved that dream here. Some examples to help stir up some creativity in you. Olivia's story. I'm Olivia and I own a bakery downtown. I make gorgeous cakes for weddings, birthdays and all kinds of special events. It's been a dream come true for me when I was a child. I love to bake with my mom. She taught me how to make cookies, how to fill pastries with delicious jams and fillings, how to make soft, moist cakes and how to make them look stunning. I remember how much fun we always had and how everyone food and odd of her creations. They were always so delighted when she would show up with something that looked and tasted divine. It always brought a smile to her face. One day I decided that I was gonna own my own bakery. I wanted to bring those same smiles to even more people and give kids like me a chance to learn and create. It hasn't been an easy journey. I went to pastry school toe, learn all the food science stuff and how to make baked goods safely. It was hard work, and some days were discouraging when my creations wouldn't come out like I had planned. Some days I looked at the work of my classmates and thought they were better than me. Sometimes I thought that maybe I shouldn't become a baker instead of giving up. I kept learning and I kept trying. I also took some classes on how to run a business because I knew how important that would be for my dream. Working through all the hard stuff made the eventual opening of my bakery even more special. I felt like I had accomplished something huge. It was a dream and goal of mine for such a long time, and it finally happened. I knew I could achieve whatever goal I said if I took the right steps to do it. What's more exciting than that? I host weekly classes to teach kids how to bake, have fun and pursue goals. Caleb Story. When I was younger, I would visit my grandparents in a nursing home. They were always so happy to see me. We would sit and they would read me books, tell me funny jokes and sometimes tell me about what life was like when they were my age. Let's just say that as a 10 year old. My chores were nothing compared to the chores they did daily. I was really into technology as a kid and was constantly building and creating things. I would show my grandpa picture of what I made, and he would smile with pride. Those are some of the best memories I have with him. When I grew up, I was planning to go to college for computer science and work for a big tech firm. But a memory of my grandparent's changed my course. I realized how important it was to connect grand parents with their grandchildren on a regular basis, and not just once every few months. While advances in technology made it easier, some of the apse were just too complicated and clunky for people like my grandpa to use. I realized that I needed to create not only an app but also hardware of some sort. To do this, I decided to pursue electrical engineering and software engineering instead of computer science. What I created was amazing. At just the touch of a button, a riel button, not those on a touch screen. My grandpa can easily connect with his grandkids and great grandkids It also gives parents and kids access to Grandpa and more exciting ways. When you create something, you could make a three D image of it that pops out of the screen on grandpas. End of things so he gets a better view of what you made. It's a great tool for the times in between visits. Plus, I get to hear more of grandpas stories, and that's always the best. Once I set the goal of connecting kids with their grandparent's three ideas really started to flow. Going to school was hard, but it was worth it because I met so many talented people that helped me make this dream come to life. Every challenge was worth it because of the joy I got to bring to the lives of many families. Reflection and homework. What did you think about Olivia's and Caleb stories? It was pretty exciting that they worked so hard to reach their goals. It started with curiosity and passion, and it moved on from there. Close your eyes and think about 10 different things you'd like to try. Write them down for this week's homework assignment. Is there one thing you could do toward turning these dreams into goals. What's the first step you could take? Take some time to journal this week about all that you've learned about yourself so far. Are you feeling more confident in your abilities? Do you feel like the path forward is a little clearer in the next lesson will dive deeper into our discussion of gold setting and purpose driven choices. Way can't wait to see you again, Remember, always dream big and walk with passion and purpose.