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We may have moved into a digital world, but the human voice remains the most effective tool for spreading a message. The Voices.com community believes in the transformative power of the voice. The website is designed to connect businesses and organizations with the most talented professionals in the vocal industry. In this way, instead of silencing the human voice, the internet is actually capable of increasing its reach.

Nearly every industry is in need of a quality voice at one point or another. And with millions of people working in the voice-over industry, finding a voice is not particularly difficult. The struggle comes in finding a vocal professional able to meet the requirements of the job at hand. The voice-over industry is not a one-size-fits-all venture; a perfectly talented vocal professional may be the wrong fit for a given job. The organization or business hiring a vocal professional has a long list of criteria to keep in mind. This includes not just proven talent and experience in the field, but also the correct demographics, and likewise, the correct accent.

Voice-Over Types

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Voices.com takes the struggle out of sorting through the hordes of talent that make up the voice-over industry. In addition to providing a huge pool of talent, the site also features a search engine tool capable of narrowing down that pool in order to find the perfect fit. Vocal talent is categorized by demographic information such as language, gender and age range. Additionally, audio bites are provided to give the user an idea of how each voice actually sounds.

Voices.com offers a wide range of voice-over categories to fit your specific project needs. Whether you need voice talent for a telephone voice-over, a podcasting video, a commercial jingle, or even a movie trailer – the Voices.com directory gives you access to vocal professionals with diverse project portfolios across a wide variety of industries.

Getting Started with a Voice Acting Career

The Voices.com platform is also a great resource for anyone trying to make it in the competitive voice-over industry. Inclusion in the talent pool significantly increases the vocal artist's chances of landing a great gig. The unique profile setup featured at Voices.com allows the professional to show off his or her unique abilities and experience. Those lacking experience but ready to learn the ins and outs of the vocal industry can hone their craft with the help of the many resources offered at Voices.com. These include eBooks, podcasts, blog posts, webinars and more. Further help can be obtained on the answers page, where users obtain feedback on a variety of career concerns from fellow voice-over professionals.

In a world full of unique voices, finding the right voice artist can be a challenge. Likewise, vocal artists struggle to obtain meaningful work. Voices.com bridges this gap by providing a simple platform on which clients and vocal professionals can work together to create engaging and relevant voice-overs. Check out the "Getting Started" video to get tips for launching your voice acting career.

Become a Voice-Over Expert

To become a voice-over expert you need to hone your skills to suit your preferred recording platform. Pick an application that is best suited to your vocal performance, depending on your style and vocal strengths. After you have determined your target application (commercial, spokesperson etc.), you can look for ways to ensure your success in that market. One way to refine your vocal talent is to hire a voice coach or attend voice acting seminar. It's also a good idea to develop good relationships with recording studios in your area to help establish a local network. Recording studios will be useful as you develop your portfolio demo. You'll build credibility with a polished, well-rehearsed demo. You can also build your expertise with market research.

Subscribe to Voice-Over Experts for free in iTunes. You'll gain useful information from weekly tips by experts in the field. Another excellent source for business tips and acting news is the Vox Talk podcast, which is also free through iTunes.

Planning Your Perfect Voice-Over Project

To plan the perfect voice-over project, you need the right resources. We offer a full library of helpful articles and eBooks that cover a wide range of topics that you might need to source for your next project. Having trouble with word pronunciation? Check out the "100 Most Often Mispronounced Words in English" article to help you get over language or idiom hurdles. This is just one of the industry articles available from our article library. Download Voices.com apps to keep these tools handy.

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Voice Talent Characteristics

Every vocal actor has a signature style. When you infuse recordings with your personal style while meeting the specific requirements of your project, then you have success. Articles like "Mimicry vs Imitation" and "What's Dubbing?" will help you strengthen your performance. You can also hone your vocal characteristics with podcasts like "Accents and Dialects" and "Accents, Dialects and the Art of Localization."