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Profile photo for David Brewer

David Brewer

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Erik's House

Jingles Country + 3 More
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Scott William

Los Angeles, California

I Like It - Featuring Voices Talent Chantelle Anita

Jingles Female + 4 More
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Allyson Briggs

New York, New York

\"This Christmas\"

Jingles Female + 6 More
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Joe Zieja

Burbank, California

Professional Whistling

Jingles Male + 6 More
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Rob Marnell

New York City, New York

\"Camp Telewanda\" for Justworks, LLC - Rob Marnell

Jingles Male + 4 More
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Jordan Jones

Austin, Texas

Jingle Stingers

Jingles Male + 6 More
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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a jingle can vary depending on the length of the jingle and whether it will be used on a broadcast or non broadcast basis. Use Voices to hire a skilled and affordable jingle writer to create your brand's sound.

Jingles should be short and memorable, and can range anywhere from five to 60 seconds. The most effective length for a jingle is between 15 and 25 seconds.

You can hire a talented jingle writer to create your radio jingle using Voices. Post a job and get matched with a jingle writer who can write a snappy and memorable jingle for your radio ad.

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All About Jingle Writers

Whenever you hear a catchy musical refrain promoting a product in a TV commercial or a radio ad, you're hearing the work of a successful jingle writer. Jingle writers are musicians with a knack for writing snappy tunes that highlight a product or service's selling points and get stuck in a listener's head. If you need a memorable jingle that is sure to boost sales of your product and heighten your brand awareness, then you've come to the right place.

Jingles are short songs that are created for the purpose of advertising a product and raising brand recall. A winning jingle can cement your brand in your audience's memory for years and provide your brand with a unique sonic identity. Jingles are intended to grab an audience's attention and radiate a positive impression about a service or product. But even more importantly than presenting your brand in an upbeat and exciting manner, the core purpose of a jingle is to be so catchy that it is virtually unforgettable.

Memorable tunes that listeners can't get out of their heads are otherwise known as 'earworms.' While we can all probably recall a time when we've been frustrated by the inability to get a radio pop song out of our heads, earworms actually function as a fantastic marketing tool. Crafting the perfect musical sequence that burrows into the public consciousness isn't a simple task that just anybody can accomplish. That's why you need a talented jingle writer to put a spring into the step of your advertising efforts by writing a tune with instant appeal.

Jingle writers are experienced songwriters with an understanding of the advertising industry. Jingle writers typically have a broad musical knowledge, given that they are tasked with crafting jingles in a wide variety of musical genres and styles. Different brands will require their jingles to evoke different moods and be composed with different instruments, so jingle writers are generally well rounded musicians with the ability to play more than one instrument.

When you hire a jingle writer to pen the sound of your brand, you will have the option of providing specific words, a slogan, or lyrics to be crafted into a melody. The jingle writer you work with will be able to make a catchy tune out of the inspiration and notes you provide. Alternatively, you can enlist one of our jingle writers to compose the music and write the lyrics of your next jingle. Sometimes jingle writers are shown a rough cut of a TV commercial and asked to compose a jingle for it, while other times jingle writers complete the music first, and the images are created to match it.

Browse through our lineup of featured jingle writers to find the right one to work on your next project. Most jingle writers have portfolios or demo reels of jingles and other musical work that they have completed for clients. Some jingle writers have particular areas of specialization, like radio and TV spots, while others may have backgrounds in songwriting for recording artists, scoring for film or TV, or more. The key quality that separates an expert jingle writer from a regular musician, however, is that jingles are crafted specifically to advertise a product.

If your brand has a catchy jingle on its side, there's no telling how far your reach can extend. Whether you need a bespoke sonic logo to appear throughout a range of customer touchpoints, or a singalong radio jingle that commands your listeners to pay some mind to your product, you will be able to find exactly the jingle writer you need on Voices.

Explore our lineup of skilled jingle writers, listen to their demo reels, and post a job to get matched with a jingle writer who can give your brand an unforgettable sound that gets heard by millions. Hire your talented jingle writer today.

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