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Whenever you turn on your TV, listen to the radio, watch a movie, or play a video game, you're bound to hear the work of a talented composer. Music composers work across media, crafting musical scores that can instil a range of emotions into a given project while helping to communicate its story and underlying themes. Whether you are at work on a corporate or creative project, putting thought into how you present your sound has never been more important. In today's digital content landscape, hiring a composer is one of the best ways to cut through the noise and establish a soundscape that immerses an audience in your story.

By hiring a composer to write the music for your project, you will be getting a custom score suited exactly to your needs—as opposed to free stock music that wasn't produced to reflect your project's singular mood or qualities. A custom musical score will add an extra dimension of production value and a heightened degree of emotion to your project.

Music is one of the most emotionally impactful art forms. It has the power to bring out the emotion in a dramatic scene, or even change the mood of a scene entirely. Anyone who watches thriller films is familiar with the way suspenseful music can create an impending sense of doom, while a light and upbeat backing track can cause an internet video or podcast to feel less rigid, and more casual and conversational. There's no limit to the dramatic effect a bespoke musical score can do for your content.

A good composer isn't just a talented songwriter—composers are storytellers, too. Composers use their musical expertise to tell a story through music. An original score is actually an integral piece of the storytelling puzzle. Music can help drive a narrative forward, whether in a video game, TV show, movie, podcast, virtual reality experience, or audio or video advertisement.

Custom music can also provide context to your story. If a scene in your video opens with Celtic music, audiences will instantly make the connection that the story likely takes place in Ireland or Scotland. Similarly, if an audience hears a Baroque style composition with instruments like a lute or harpsichord, they may presume that they are experiencing a period piece set during the Baroque era. The composer you work with won't be tasked with writing a standalone piece of music, but rather a narrative building score that matches and elevates your overall story.

When you hire a composer on Voices, you will have the opportunity to explain the concept of your project and provide creative direction. When it comes to music composition for audiovisual projects, timing is important. If the score you are commissioning is intended to be paired with images, then you may choose to provide your composer with storyboards or concept art in order to give them a better sense of the style of the project they'll be crafting a sound for. Then, once the composer has been able to write the score for your project, they may return to you with drafts of the score that aren't yet fully arranged. This is because the fine details of the completed score will likely be reliant on the timing and beats in a scene. The working relationship between creative directors and composers can be highly collaborative, and your chosen composer will benefit from your input and any artistic direction that will give them a more detailed sense of your vision.

Many composers are comfortable writing music in a variety of genres, while there are others who have particular specializations. Composers may have their own home studios and use music composition software, such as Logic or Cubase, while others will head to the studio to write and record. Some composers play multiple instruments with ease and possess the musical prowess to complete most of a recording themselves, while others will work with a team of musicians to record the final score for your project.

One of the best indications of any composer's cabilities is their portfolio. A composer's portfolio will showcase their body of work, musical style, the clients they have worked with, and the projects they have composed original music for. Peruse the portfolios of the skilled composers featured here on Voices, press play on some demos, and post a job to receive custom auditions from composers eager to write the music for your next project.

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The cost of hiring a country singer will vary based on the rates of your chosen country singer and the scope of your musical project. Take a look at our lineup of talented country vocalists to find out how much it costs to hire a country singer.

You can find vocals for your song by hiring a country singer on Voices to provide the perfect vocal performance of your lyrics. Post a job and get matched with the talented country vocalist your song needs.

You can find a country vocalist to sing your song right here on Voices. Use our trusted platform to get access to an experienced lineup of country singers who are available to hire.