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Ameena Helali

Mymensingh, Bangladesh

Corona related Ad

In order to raise awareness about Corona, LSUK Limited translated the texts from English into Bengali on their website from me.

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Ayaan U

Not Yet Rated

Luton, United Kingdom

Translate success freelancer

I love working as an online freelancer to explore the various jobs such as translating and transcript writer to speaking as well beginning at a young age such as 20 yrs old.

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Not Yet Rated

English to Bengali. Social media Translation scripts.

English to Bengali script translated for social media posting. this was the funniest post I had ever posted.

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Bappi Bappi

Not Yet Rated

Dhaka, Bangladesh


I translated this file from English to Bengal. It took 1 day. I take a maximum of two days for this amount of words.

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Shubham Sarkar

Not Yet Rated

Kolkata, India

Sample of my translation

Sample of my Blog written for my own website

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Ahanaf Patwary Shadhin

Not Yet Rated

English,Bangla,French, German, Mandarin,Hindi

I got some experience about working with languages them in fiverr, Upwork. Wanna make more, coming here and started on.

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Sumanto Dey

Not Yet Rated

Jalpaiguri, India

I can translate from English to Bengali

So far I have not contributed on voices.com

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Debraj Patra

Not Yet Rated

kolkata, India

Translation. English to Bengali

An essay in English which translated into Bengali.

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Karabi Ganguli

Not Yet Rated

kolkata, India

English to Bengali Translate

I can do English to Bengali Translate or Bengali to English Translate

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Sudin Jana

Not Yet Rated

Contai, India

Commercilal add

Hare I have used a short sample on advertiseing on a product ,where I show one type of way that can manufacturer used for their add purpose

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MD Sohel Rana

Not Yet Rated

Hi i am sohel

Hi i am sohel

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Sonali Roy

Not Yet Rated

Burdwan, India

English to Bengali translation

Here is one of my English to Bengali translation sample

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All About English to Bengali Translation

Are you in the market for an English to Bengali translator as you expand your brand's reach to Bangladesh, India, and beyond? When you hire an experienced English to Bengali translator, not only are you ensuring that the translation of your project takes cultural contexts and sayings into consideration, but that you also avoid grammatical errors and ethnolinguistic concepts that don't have a direct translation from English to Bengali, and vice versa. By finding the right translation expert from among this lineup of English to Bengali translators, you're setting your work's transition from English to Bengali up for success.

Bengali is the official language of Bangladesh. A whopping 98% of Bangladeshi people speak Bengali as their mother tongue. The language is native to the South Asian region of Bengal, which spans West Bengal and what is present day Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a country with the eighth highest population in the world, so the audience that you are inherently tapping into by translating your message from English to Bengali is one that looms over many other potential audiences based on size alone. In fact, about 2% of the world's population inhabits this South Asian nation known for its diverse wildlife, ruins of ancient temples and crumbled cities, and plentiful markets and bazaars.

Bangladesh is considered to be one of the 'Next Eleven' countries, identified by economist Jim O'Neill as harboring a strong potential to become one of the world's largest economies in the 21st century. Its economy is one of the fastest growing in the world. Branching out into the Bangladeshi market is a promising move for any companies looking to climb aboard this rapidly proliferating economy.

The capital of Bangladesh is Dhaka, whose extended urban area is home to more than 21 million residents. Accounting for about one third of the country's economy, Dhaka's stock exchange features hundreds of companies and is recognized as a beta global city. An array of Bengali language newspapers are published every day in Dhaka, and the city is also home to a number of state run radio and TV networks, including Bangladesh Betar, Bangladesh Television, and Sangsad Bangladesh.

In addition to being the official language of Bangladesh, Bengali is the second most widely spoken language in India. It is mainly spoken in the Indian states of West Bengal, Tripura, and Barak Valley. Bordering Bangladesh, West Bengal is a longtime artistic and intellectual centre in India. Bengali has a rich literary tradition, and the Tollygunge neighborhood of Kolkata (also known as Calcutta) is home to a number of movie studios, the Bengali film industry at large, and was the birthplace of legendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray. Known as the "cultural capital of India," Kolkata is additionally home to a number of esteemed museums, libraries, and universities.

The written form of Modern Standard Bengali differs greatly from colloquial speech, and Bengali dialects exist on a continuum that is divided into the four clusters of Banga, Kamrupi, Rarh, and Varendra. The Bengali alphabet that is used throughout Bangladesh and eastern India is written in an abugida script, and significant portions of the Bengali diaspora can be found in the United Kingdom, United States, and the Middle East. Although the primary Bengali dialects are mutually intelligible with one another, they vary based on phonology, pronunciation, and region. Hiring a translator with experience translating English to Bengali is what your project needs to be sure that your translated text is grounded in the reality of the way that your audience actually communicates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bordered by the Bay of Bengal to the south, Bengal is a region in South Asia that encompasses both Bangladesh and the Indian state of West Bengal.

Yes. Bengali is the native language of West Bengal, with English operating as a co official language.

Bengali is spoken in the Bengal region, which spans Bangladesh and the Indian state of West Bengal. Sizeable Bengali diaspora also reside in the United Kingdom, United States, and the Middle East.