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It is a short story about a girl her life in the mountains.

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All About English to Dutch Translation

Are you gearing up to break into the Dutch language market? Do you have a creative project, business documents, or marketing materials that you need to have translated from English into Dutch? No matter what you are working on, all your translation needs will be satisfied when you hire a professional English to Dutch translator using Voices.

Our creative services marketplace is abounding with skilled translators who can take your English language message and ensure that it soars in your international market of choice. Sourcing a professional English to Dutch translator will provide a great opportunity for your brand to make inroads to a populous audience of Dutch speakers based in the Netherlands, Belgium, and beyond.

There are about 29 million Dutch speakers worldwide. Of this 29 million, about 24 million speak Dutch as a first language, while 5 million speak it as a second language. The place you'll find the highest number of Dutch speakers is in the Netherlands, where Dutch serves as the country's only official language. Dutch also holds official language status in Belgium, the Dutch Antilles, Suriname, Aruba, Curaçao, and Saint Martin. There are also linguistic minorities of Dutch speakers based in parts of Germany, France, Indonesia, the United States, and Canada. Just trailing behind English and German, Dutch is one of the most widely spoken Germanic languages in the world.

In fact, Dutch is the closest existing language to English. Because of this, roughly 90% of the population of the Netherlands can speak English. The municipality of Amsterdam, which is the capital city of the Netherlands, actually recognizes English as an official language that can be used for business and other professional purposes. There are a number of loanwords from Dutch that are commonly used in the English language, including water, yacht, dune, holster, and walrus.

However, Dutch's proximity to English doesn't mean that your communication efforts won't benefit tremendously from having a seasoned and proficient English to Dutch translator onboard. Your English to Dutch translator will have a comprehensive knowledge of the differences between English and Dutch, which range from grammar rules and idioms to word pronunciation and accents.

Find the perfect English to Dutch translator to join forces with right here on Voices. Sign up and get access to our vast pool of translation talent, browse through the creative portfolios featured on their profiles, and hire a English to Dutch translator to bring your message to life in Dutch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dutch is the first language of about 24 million people worldwide.

Dutch is spoken by most of the population of the Netherlands, and also has official language status in Belgium, Suriname, Aruba, Curaçao, Saint Martin, and the Dutch Antilles.

Dutch and English are both members of the West Germanic language family, meaning they share a great deal of lexical similarities and cognates. In fact, about 90% of the population of the Netherlands can speak English.