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Sourcing an experienced English to Estonian translator is easy to do when you use Voices. When you're at work on a project that is set to be launched into an Estonian market, then hiring a translation expert is the best way to ensure that your Estonian language message is carefully and accurately translated. Whether you are producing a new explainer video, the dub of a video game script, or going global with your online store, working with a professional English to Estonian translator is the only tactic to use when you deliver your brand message to an Estonian speaking audience.

One of the key reasons you ought to hire an English to Estonian translation expert is because the two languages, for all that they may appear to resemble one another, do have a number of differences. While the alphabets of both English and Estonian are based on the Latin script, the Estonian alphabet additionally features the letters 'ä,' 'ö,' 'ü,' 'õ,' 'Å¡,' and 'ž.' Because about one third of Estonian's vocabulary is borrowed from Germanic languages, it makes it relatively easy to identify words between English and Estonian. However, Estonian sentences can have an endless number of compounds, and when it comes to pronunciation, the sound of certain letters—such as 'b' and 'p'—are often interchangeable and produce the same sound.

Estonian is the official language of Estonia. There are over one million Estonian speakers in the world, with over 900,000 of them residing in Estonia, while another approximately 160,000 live outside of Estonia. Estonian belongs to the Finnic branch of the Uralic language family, and is the second most spoken of all the Finnic languages. The Finnic languages have a reputation for being among the most difficult tongues for English speakers to comprehend. This isn't the case for speakers of the Finnish language, however, whose vocabulary shares a lot of similarities with Estonian. Despite common misconceptions, Estonian and Finnish are not related to Latvian, Russian, or Swedish.

Estonia is one of the least crowded countries in Europe, and over 50% of the country is covered by forest. The first Estonian writing can be traced back to the 1520s, and the Old Town of Estonia's capital city, Tallinn, is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Spoken Estonian is divided into two distinct dialects: northern and southern. Although many Estonian citizens are proficient in multiple languages, including English, Finnish, German, and Russian, when you offer your content in the Estonian language, your words will resonate directly with your Estonian target audience.

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There are roughly 1.1 million Estonian speakers in the world.

The official language of Estonia is Estonian.

The best way to translate your English text to Estonian is by hiring one of the experienced English to Estonian translators featured on Voices. Post a job and get matched with a translation expert who can bring your project to life in Estonian.