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Carmelo Hechanova Tuble

Tustin, California

Auto Repair Videos

Twelve auto repair English scripts translated to Filipino language for video presentation.

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yellow bee

Not Yet Rated

manguiles, Philippines

english to filipino dictionary or filipino 2 english

sorry i did not put the my real audio beacause voices.com wont all my audio i dont why but i am really a good translator trust me hoped u hire me.

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Crysler Fajardo

Not Yet Rated

Maria aurora, Philippines


Im filipino,i can translate English to Filipino so i can help people

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Rene Vincent Torralba

Not Yet Rated

Paranaque, Philippines

Coronavirus PSA

This is an English to Filipino/Tagalog translation for the Ready (.gov) PSA for COVID-19: Stay Home video, with matched timings.

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Ria Vrana

Not Yet Rated

Praha, Czech Republic

Narrative Translation

Published this for a newspaper in Canada. Written in English - Filipino (Tagalog) translation was required.

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Not Yet Rated

Maramag, Philippines

Sample Translations from English to Filipino

Attached are basic translations of English words to Filipino language. I believe one must first the basic before the complex. However, I can do more translations if the clients wish me to do so.

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Jill Malazarte

Not Yet Rated

Cebu City, Philippines

Native Filipino Speaker with a Knack for English

If you want your English documents translated into Filipino, I'm the person you're looking for. I may be a native Filipino speaker but I've learned English for as long as I've learned the Filipino language. It has been incorporated in my education and in all of the media that I've gobbled up.

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Joni Bryan Bien

Not Yet Rated

Basic English to Filipino Word

Basic words that you want to learn using the English and Tagalog language

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Jamaicah Rose A. Rama

Not Yet Rated

Las Pinas City, Philippines

Simple Regards

I will help you to translatr Englosh to Filipino.

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Criscelle Magallon

Not Yet Rated

Malolos, Philippines

Filipino to English Translator

I accepted this one-day project that I've delivered after 3hrs.

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Maurene Din

Not Yet Rated

Norzagaray, Philippines

Helping you to learn Tagalog or Filipino language

Having hardtimes to understand some basic tagalog words? Don't worry I'm here willing to help and enhance your skills to be more effective and efficient talking using Filipino language

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All About English to Filipino Translation

Are you looking for an English to Filipino translator who can customize your English text to help it strike a chord with an audience based in the Philippines? By hiring one of our talented English to Filipino translators, your written content will be re envisioned to ensure that it is accessible and resonant for a Filipino speaking audience. Connect directly with your Filipino audience by sourcing a professional English to Filipino translator on Voices today.

The Filipino language reflects the cultural and political history of the Philippines. The country was under Spanish rule for over 300 years, and following the culmination of the Spanish American war, the Philippines (which were then a colony of the Spanish East Indies) were sold to the United States. Afterward, for three years during the Second World War, the Philippines were occupied by Japan. As a result of the various cultures that converged in the Philippines over the years, Filipino is a blend of multiple languages that have been spoken in the country, including Chinese, English, and Spanish. In fact, roughly one third of Filipino words are derived from Spanish, and many Filipino words are simply the phonetic spellings of English words. For example, the Filipino word for boxing is 'boksing,' the word for school is 'iskul,' and the word for driver is 'drayber.'

Filipino and English share official language status in the Philippines. Filipino gained its official language status in 1987, replacing Tagalog, which had been the national language of the Philippines since 1937. Filipino is a standardized variety, or an updated version, of Tagalog, with the two languages sharing numerous similarities and commonly being seen as interchangeable. A few differences between Filipino and Tagalog include the fact that Filipino has a smaller vocabulary than Tagalog, as well as more relaxed rules when it comes to grammar and sentence structure. Filipino is the mother tongue of about 24 million people in the Philippines, which represents about one quarter of their population. It is the language used in educational contexts in the Philippines, as well as in most media industries, such as filmmaking and broadcasting. Despite the prominence of Filipino and Tagalog within the country, the Philippines is a multilingual state with more than 175 living languages. Most Filipino citizens are multilingual.

Studies show that consumers are more likely to purchase when products are advertised to them in their mother tongue. If you're targeting your company or content at an audience based in the Philippines, then hiring a competent English to Filipino translator is a great decision.

When you sign up for Voices, you'll gain immediate access to a global community of translators who are well versed in languages from all around the world. Not only will your English message assume a new life in Filipino, but it will be carefully translated and localized to ensure that it sounds authentic to a native Filipino speaker. Level up your communications efforts by branching into the Filipino market and hiring one of the English to Filipino translators featured here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The two official languages of the Philippines are Filipino and English. However, the Philippines is a linguistically diverse country, with over 175 living languages spoken there.

The population of the Philippines is about 110 million people.

The best way to translate your text from English to Filipino is by hiring one of the experienced English to Filipino translators featured on Voices. Post a job and get matched with the perfect English to Filipinno translator to lend their linguistic expertise to your project.