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Emmanuel Demonton

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Athens, Greece

Translation Accuracy Sample

Being a fluent speaker of both English and Greek and having studied the languages academically, I can translate with confidence and ease and most importantly linguistic flow.

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Prince Manu

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English to Greek Translation.

Through my experience I have translate English to Greek.

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Andreas Kanellos

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Athens, Greece

Dog Food Commercial

The original radio dog food commercial was translated from English to Greek staying as true as possible to the original text while adapting where the words could give more and in result bring the emotional impact needed to connect with pet owners that would spare no expense for their beloved pets!

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Chrysostomos Deligiannidis

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cover letter

everything about all jobs.

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Avgi Platanidi

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Poligono, Athens, Greece

Crypto Article_Transaltion Sample_Avgi Platanidi

This is a translation of an article about Crypto currency I completed recently. The necessary research for some terms and the general knowledge around this topic made this translation very interesting.

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ahmed mousa

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jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Translate English to Greek Language

Time has long been an important subject of study in religion, philosophy, and science, but defining it in a manner applicable to all fields without circularity has consistently eluded scholars. Nevertheless, diverse fields such as business, industry, sports, the sciences, and the performing arts all

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ioanna kormouli

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Drama, Greece

Book Translation

I have translated this book from English to Greek.

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All About English to Greek Translation

Are you in search of a talented English to Greek translator to convert your project's message in order to make an impact on your Greek speaking audience? When you need your words translated from one language to another, sourcing an experienced translator is the best way to ensure that your text is translated, localized, and accurately adapted for your Greek language target audience.

Our lineup of English to Greek translators will be able to masterfully propel your brand into the Greek market. While Greek is the oldest of any living Indo European language, with documented writings that date back more than 3,400 years, there are a number of reasons why breaking into the Greek market is a good idea right now.

Greek is the mother tongue of the vast majority of the roughly 10 million people who live in Greece, where Greek serves as the official language. Greek is also the official language of the Republic of Cyprus. Getting your message translated from English into Greek will also help you communicate with Greek speaking audiences in regions of Albania, Italy (primarily in Calabria, in southern Italy), Turkey, and the Ukraine. Populations of Greek speakers can also be found throughout parts of Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, the United States, and in Western Europe. In total, there are an estimated 13 million people worldwide who speak Greek.

In the past, there were two main versions of Greek spoken in Greece. Demotic was used for literature and casual speech, while Katharevousa was the style of language employed in more professional contexts, such as academia, medicine, law, and the armed forces. However, the Greek government declared Demotic Greek the official language of the Greek nation in 1976. Beyond Katharevousa and the Demotic Greek—also known as Standard Modern Greek—vernacular spoken today, other varieties of Modern Greek include Pontic, Cappadocian, Mariupolitan, Southern Italian, Yevanic, and Tsakonian.

Greek is written using the Greek alphabet, which originated from the Phoenician alphabet. You may be interested to learn that the Greek alphabet was one of the first to have its own letters for vowel sounds. One of the key reasons why you'll want to work with a trained English to Greek translator is due to the fact that there isn't an exact correspondence between Greek and English letters. If you want your work to have a professional translation and avoid any amateur translation mistakes, then you're best off working with an experienced English to Greek translator who understands the grammatical details that distinguish one language from the other. For example, Greek question marks resemble the English semicolon. Greek sentences are also commonly longer and more complex than your average English language sentence. For all their differences, however, roughly 12% of the English vocabulary is descended from Greek origins—including most English words beginning with the letters 'ph,' such as philosophy, phobia, and photography.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Around 13 million people speak Greek today, including most of the population of Greece and Cyprus, as well as people living along the Greek Albanian border.

The official language of Greece is Greek. The majority of the nation's 10 million people speak Greek as their mother tongue.

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