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Eden Gafni

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Haifa, Israel

Comedy Movie Script.

I'm a huge fan of films and have amateurly wrote subtitles for many.

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Yotam Yotam

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Tel Aviv, Israel

Historical Translation - Operation Chariot . English - Hebrew

I shared some of my translations I did during my undergraduate degree. I studied a lot about WW2 and did a final project about commando units during the war.

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Mehak Mk

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Karachi, Pakistan


Hi, my name is Mehak. I am a certified Language translator Graphic Designer, Content writer, and Microsoft Officer. I have worked on many platforms in this language and many more languages and doing job at the company. Currently doing many jobs in these languages. And I am very open to work for you.

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All About English to Hebrew Translation

Are you in need of a skilled English to Hebrew translator to convert your text with accuracy and professionalism? When you use Voices to hire an experienced translator, your message will come across with clarity and resonate with your Hebrew speaking audience. If you're looking to expand the reach of your content and target a new demographic, then sourcing one of the featured translators on Voices is the best way to get the job done.

Modern Hebrew is spoken by over 9 million people globally. Approximately 5 million of those speakers are citizens of Israel, 1.5 million are immigrants to Israel, another 1.5 million are Arab citizens of Israel whose first language is Arabic, and half a million are Israeli expats who live outside of Israel and make up the Israeli diaspora around the world. Hebrew serves as the mother tongue for the 5 million Israeli citizens who communicate using Hebrew.

Classical Hebrew is the language that the five books of the Torah, the principal texts of the Jewish religion, were written in. Because of this, Hebrew is considered to be a holy language. The version of Hebrew that is spoken today, sometimes referred to as 'Modern Hebrew,' varies in a number of ways from Classical Hebrew. However, it is still very important to be attuned to the cultural significance of the Hebrew language. By working with a trained professional who is well aware of the nuances of Modern Hebrew, your work will avoid mistranslations and communicate with your audiences in a culturally sensitive manner.

Beyond the importance of being conscious about how you communicate your message in Hebrew, working with a seasoned translator means you won't encounter issues with translating your text between two different writing systems. There are a number of differences between the way that English and Modern Hebrew is written. For example, English is written from left to right, while Hebrew is actually written from right to left. Due to this, special characters, such as the # or @ symbols, may be misplaced in written text by basic translation software or inexperienced translators. When English is translated to Hebrew, the text can also expand by anywhere from 20% to 60%. If you're working with video subtitles, web copy, or any text that will be displayed alongside graphics, you may need to adjust your message to ensure that it fits with your intended output. Your chosen English to Hebrew translator will have no problem taking care of this for you.

Get started by signing up and browsing through the portfolios of our lineup of translation talent. When you're ready to break into the Israeli market and communicate with your Hebrew speaking audience, you're sure to find the English to Hebrew translator you need right here on Voices.

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An estimated 9 million people speak Hebrew globally.

To translate your English text to Hebrew, hire an experienced translator on Voices. Post a job, and get matched with a skilled translator who can accurately and professionally convert your English message to Hebrew.

Approximately 9 million people currently live in Israel.