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Translation from English to Hungarian in communication and advertising

Radio show intro and a travel advertisement. These are two pretty easy samples of my translating skills.

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All About English to Hungarian Translation

Do you need an experienced translator who can craft your English language message into Hungarian? The best way to speak to your Hungarian speaking audience is by sourcing a professional English to Hungarian translator who can fluently convert your text from English to Hungarian. Browse through our featured translation experts to find just the right English to Hungarian translator to propel your words into the Hungarian language market.

There are roughly 13 million people who speak Hungarian as their first language, 10 million of whom reside in Hungary. Hungarian is the official language of Hungary, as well as one of the 24 official languages of the European Union. In addition to being spoken within Hungary, Hungarian is also spoken by communities of people living in Slovakia, the Subcarpathia region of western Ukraine, the Transylvania region of central and western Romania, the Vojvodina region of northern Serbia, the Mur region of northeastern Slovenia, parts of northern Croatia, as well as eastern Austria. Communities of the Hungarian diaspora can also be found in the United States, Canada, and Israel.

Studies have shown that consumers are more likely to purchase when products are advertised to them in their mother tongue. If you're at work on an ad campaign, video script, or web copy intended for a Hungarian speaking audience, then having your words translated by a fluent professional is the ultimate move.

In fact, there are a number of details about Hungarian writing and speaking that translation software won't be able to accurately translate for. For example, Hungarian has a speaking system divided into four tiers of politeness. Ön, which is the most formal way of speaking, is designated for addressing people to whom the speakers want to show respect. Maga refers to a way of addressing somebody while distancing themselves from the person they are addressing. Néni or bácsi is a manner of speaking that shows affection to the person being addressed, and is often used in circumstances where children are speaking to adults who are not their parents, or when anyone is speaking to the elderly. The final tier of politeness in Hungarian, te, was historically used to address God or royalty, but has since become the standard way to address people over the internet.

Contrary to the English language, in Hungarian, surnames precede an individual's given name. However, foreign names still retain the order of given name followed by surname when written in Hungarian.

Working with a proficient English to Hungarian translator is the only way to guarantee that your content will be translated in a professional capacity. When you use Voices, your Hungarian language content will naturally connect with a native Hungarian speaker. Find your English to Hungarian translator today by signing up for Voices and posting a job.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Roughly 10 million people live in Hungary.

Hungarian belongs to the Uralic language family, meaning that it has the same roots as and resembles Finnish and Estonian.

The Hungarian alphabet is an extension of the Latin alphabet, with several additional letters that include accents, umlauts, and two or three letters that have been combined. In total, the Hungarian alphabet has 44 individual letters.