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David Boire

Toronto, Ontario

Translation control document

When producing the same content in multiple languages its essential to track the audio files and revisions carefully. A side by side translation document is a great resource.

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Kamogelo Kamogelo

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English to Korean


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Horcrux Sounded

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Busan, Korea, Republic of

Korean, German, English, Hindi, Spanish.

Can give brief description/lectures about languages and their importance, thorough understanding of the cities in Korea, Education and study system for students.

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Princess Grandison

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hello, yes mother- annyeong ne eommna (도ㅣㅣㅐ 됸 ㅡ새독)

i just say the english word then translate to english

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Goyang, Korea, Republic of

\"The Ford Bronco is finally here and Jeep should be worried\"

The translation is for the news article on CNN dated June 28, 2021. It is an article about the launching of a new Ford SUV. It explains detailed vehicle specifications and the experience of test driving. I translated the article to describe the details of the SUV accurately and vivid experiences.

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All About English to Korean Translation

If you need an experienced translator to craft your message to ensure it resonates in the Korean market, you've come to the right place. The English to Korean translators featured here on Voices are top notch translation experts with a firm grasp on the nuances of the Korean language and what it takes to speak to strike a chord with a Korean speaking audience. Whether you're readying to launch an international ad campaign or honing your video script for a global audience, you will easily be able to connect with an English to Korean translator to help you put out a winning message.

Working with an experienced English to Korean translator is the best way to guarantee that your project seamlessly speaks to a Korean audience. While there is a range of automated translation software available to translate text between languages, only a trained professional can convert your English text to Korean in a manner that makes sense for Korean speakers and readers, considers the context of the message, and takes cultural specificities into account.

There are roughly 80 million native Korean speakers in the world. Korean serves as the official language of both North Korea and South Korea, and it is additionally spoken in parts of China, Russia, and Central Asia. Korean is considered a language isolate, meaning that it didn't stem from any other language. However, due to the historical connection between Koreans and the Chinese, you will find a number of Chinese loanwords in the Korean vocabulary. In addition, due to the amount of time that North and South Korea have been separate from one another, the two countries' versions of Korean have evolved differently, and now have their own unique pronunciations, grammatical rules, and vocabularies.

One of the major reasons why hiring a seasoned English to Korean translator is important relates to the fact that English and Korean sentence structure vary significantly. In English, sentences follow the order of subject, verb, and object, whereas in Korean, the word order in a sentence begins with subject, followed by object, and always ending with the verb. Korean is also written using the Hangul writing system, which is made up of six vowels and 14 consonants. Hangul can be written both horizontally and vertically, while the 26 letter English alphabet is always written horizontally. On top of that, Korean has two different counting systems: native Korean for numbers up to 99 (for telling time and counting objects, for example), and a Chinese originated system for numbers above 99 (like measuring distance or money, for example).

Korean culture is regularly celebrated on a global scale. Filmmakers such as Bong Joon ho and Lee Chang dong have directed a number of movies that have received critical acclaim in both Korea and abroad, including a number of Academy Award wins for Bong Joon ho. Korean pop music, also known as K pop, is one of the most popular musical genres in the world today, with groups such as BTS and Blackpink rising to become some of the best selling artists in the world.

In order for your message to connect with a Korean audience, hiring an English to Korean translator is the way to go. Browse through our pool of talented English to Korean translators to find the right English to Korean translator to bring your words to life for a whole new audience.

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There are roughly 75 million to 80 million native Korean speakers in the world.

Korean is the official language of both North Korea and South Korea. Korean is also spoken in certain regions of China and parts of Russia.