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Margrith Bröchin

Paris, France

Kortison-Nasenspray bei akuter Rhinosinusitis

This is a typical medical text translation that I have done for Medical Tribune, a journal I worked for. I have done hundreds (thousands?) of translations in the health/medical field, basically from French into German, but also from English into German, and also in many other fields.

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itedjere bliss

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Akure, Nigeria

i am bliss an expert in languages

i had for over 10 years in teaching languages and worked in an embassy with different working sections.

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Koffi Charles Konan

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Paris, France

English to German in record time

I've translated many (e)books, articles, ads, websites, blogs, apps, games, product reviews, newsletters, manuals, scripts, novels, courses, adult stories and much more. Terms of service, disclaimers, contracts / official documents, medical reports.

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Harshit Jangir

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translating french to german

i am here to translate french to german here to help in language explaining

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All About French to German Translation

When you need a French to German translator to convert your project's message from its original French and prepare it for delivery to an audience based in Germany, then look no further than Voices. We feature a roster of highly qualified French to German translators who can provide translation services for your audio or video script, ad copy, formal documents, print publication, or ebook. By hiring an experienced translation expert, your ad campaign or creative project will be presented with an articulate message that hits home with your target audience.

German has official language status in six countries: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. There are as many as 220 million German speakers in the world, and around 81 million of those reside in Germany. The standard form of German that is typically spoken in Germany and taught abroad can sound substantially different than the dialects of German spoken in other countries. For example, German speakers in Switzerland largely communicate using a dialect known as Alemannic, or Swiss German. One of Swiss German's most noteworthy qualities is the fact that it's sprinkled with French words.

Germany and France have strong ties and a storied history with one another. Situated next to each other, the two countries are each other's primary trading partners and their economies are intimately intertwined. There are a number of French companies located in Germany, and a number of German companies located in France. A tramway that spans much of the Franco German border was established in 2017 as a symbol of the bond between the two nations.

The French city of Strasbourg provides a strong example of the cultural link between France and Germany. The city has been both a German and French dominion at different points throughout history, and although it is now a French city, it still retains a strong German influence that is most evident in its architecture.

Due to the historical lineage of French and German people working in partnership with one another, in addition to the fact that the countries border each other, it's clear that expanding one's French language operations into their German neighbour's is a logical move that will reap many benefits.

There are more televisions in German households than there are in any other country in Europe. Fernsehsender Paul Nipkow, a German public television station, was the world's first public TV station. In fact, Germans engage in more media consumption than many other countries in the world. Roughly one tenth of all the world's print books and ebooks are published in German, and its video game market towers above any other gaming market in Europe. The most popular video game expo in the world, Gamescom, is held each year in Cologne.

As a producer in the French speaking world, you may be eager to break out into the bounteous German language market. However, it would be wise to consider hiring a professional French to German translator to ensure that the spirit at the core of your work's message remains intact while its language is adapted for a new culture and target market. Variant German dialects, such as High and Low German, are not mutually intelligible, meaning that when you produce content intended to be spoken out loud, only a strong French to German translator will have a sense of the vernacular and oral conduct that will ultimately be the most impactful and authentic for the audience you're aiming to connect with.

Search through our lineup of talented French to German translators to find a translator to reinterpret your message and ready it for launch in one of the most exciting and innovative language markets around.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, French is not a Germanic language. French is considered a Romance language, meaning that it evolved from Vulgar Latin, much like Spanish or Italian.

While French has more Germanic qualities than the other languages within the Romance language family, no, French and German are not very similar. The two languages have different roots, grammar, and vocabulary from one another.

French is generally easier to learn than German, because it shares many similarities with the other Romance languages derived from Latin. German, on the other hand, has its own distinct accent, pronunciation, and grammar rules.