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Martin Miller

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Burbank, California

Mandarin translation

A translation sample of texts from various subject matter.

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Deja Nance

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translation test


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Moby B

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

General Mandarin to English

This a is general text about travel that I translated from Chinese (simplified) to English

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Matthew Chen

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New Taipei City, Taiwan

An article translation

The original article is Chinese, and the article is about letting most French-speaking African countries have the access to electricity. The job was to translate it to English, and it was a public invitation to anyone who knows how to translate from Mandarin-Chinese to English.

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All About Mandarin to English Translation

It's easy to find the perfect Mandarin to English translator for your project right here on Voices. Whether you need a translated voice over script or the entirety of your brand's content converted from Mandarin into English, you're bound to find a competent and experienced translator who will be eager to take on your project's translation needs.

When you translate your words from Mandarin into English, you're automatically making your work presentable for the English speaking world at large. The potential benefits of reaching a worldwide English speaking audience cannot be understated. Roughly 360 million people around the world speak English as a first language, and about 20% of the world's population (over two billion people) can speak English. There is no cap to the heights the size of your audience can grow to when you present a compelling message that has been translated from Mandarin into English.

While fine tuned English language messaging has the capacity to reach audiences far and wide, you also have the opportunity here to source a freelancer who can localize your text so that it resonates with a targeted segment of the English speaking world. The type of English spoken in a place like Ireland sounds pretty different from the English spoken in the Southern United States, each with their own colloquialisms, geographic references, and distinct histories. English is an official language in 67 different countries and there are said to be 160 different English dialects.

To get started translating your project from Mandarin to English, browse through the profiles of this lineup of experienced Mandarin to English translators today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to do to translate your text from Mandarin to English is reach out to one of the talented Mandarin to English translators featured here on Voices. With just the click of a button, you'll get access to a translator fluent in both languages who thoroughly understands both Mandarin and English and how to convert the words between them.

The best way to translate text from Standard Chinese (also known as Mandarin) to English is to hire one of the Mandarin to English translators featured on Voices. By doing so, your copy will get an accurate translation with proper grammar and sentence structure.

Mandarin is a Chinese language. There are a number of Chinese languages and dialects, and Mandarin is the most widely spoken of the languages used throughout mainland China. For that reason, it is often referred to as 'Chinese,' even though it is one of many Chinese languages.