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Charlie Inman

london, United Kingdom

O Danado Do Samba

A documentary I directed and edited in Rio De Janeiro. All translations done by me. search on vimeo or youtube to watch.

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Gabriele carvalho da Silva

Not Yet Rated

belem, Brazil



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Joice Pereira

Not Yet Rated

Soneto de Fidelidade - Sonnet of Fidelity

Trabalho como tradutor freelance para traduzir textos e áudio de português para inglês e de inglês para português

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Liliane Oliveira

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Barbacena, Brazil

o reino

O Reino Salomão era jovem, mas estava recebendo por herança do pai um reino. Reino esse que ele recebeu sem construir nada. Salomão já recebeu tudo pronto o reino que seu pai Davi sofreu para construir. Nós também recebemos uma herança do Pai: A responsabilidade de cuidar de uma Obra. O Pai nos cham

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Makswell Ferreira Lima

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Brasília DF, Brazil

Governo do Distrito Federal

Trabalhava de freelance fazia de tudo na empresa

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Rayssa Ferreira

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Manaus, Brazil


Poderei traduzir várias palavras em questão de dúvidas

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Micheli Martins prestes da silva

Not Yet Rated

Santo augusto, Brazil

Matérias públicas

Tradução de matérial público, anúncios em geral

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João Vitor Scheda Barbosa

Not Yet Rated

Pirajuí, Brazil

trabalho com tradução

tradução do português para o inglês do inglês para o espanhol do espanhol para o francês.

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Ana Clara Sales De Souza

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Betim, Brazil


Sobre minha microempresa. Tinha um salão de beleza, aqui está meu MEI

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Fernanda Ferreira

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É algo que todos gostam e se interessam, e agora na pandemia sobra mais tempo para assistir e para ler

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Theus _silva

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Osasco, Brazil


Não contribuir estou sem Dinheiro e procuro mexer de graça e trabalho de graça sem contribui com nada

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São Paulo, Brazil


Hello my name is Wellington I am available to translate what you need

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All About Portuguese to English Translation

Finding your ideal Portuguese to English translator from among this roster of freelance translators is easy. Branching out into the English language market has never been more beneficial for companies and content creators than it is today. In the global marketplace, offering your material and content in multiple languages is always a good idea that will grow your audience. Sourcing the expertise of a proficient Portuguese to English translator is a surefire way to help your work stand out and to reach your target demographic.

Producing work for the English speaking world is bound to broaden your reach. There are over two billion English speakers worldwide, about 360 million of whom speak English as their mother tongue. While the group of countries that are known to make up the 'Anglosphere' include the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, English operates as a lingua franca throughout much of the world, offering a bridge for speakers of different languages to understand each other. English is also spoken across a number of former English countries, such as the Commonwealth Caribbean countries.

It is important to consider that Portuguese text can take up as much as 30% more space than English does. For this reason, you'll want to approach any graphic elements of your project, such as video subtitles or banner copy, with the understanding that your text may shrink after being translated from Portuguese to English. Working with a skilled Portuguese to English translator means that you'll be able to get input about how to convey your English language message while meeting style guidelines and filling all the white space you need to.

Check out the profiles of these talented freelancers to locate the Portuguese to English translator your project needs to spread its wings.

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The best way to translate text between Portuguese and English is to work with one of the translation experts you'll find on Voices. The Portuguese to English translator you hire will be capable of taking on more complex translation tasks than simple word to word conversion, and their translation efforts will factor in cultural nuances and regional vernacular.

Portuguese is different from English in a few ways. Both languages have different origins. Portuguese is a Romance language, while English is West Germanic language. Portuguese also has fewer vowel sounds—only nine, while English has 20.

English is a Germanic language. You can trace the origins of the English language back to the arrival of Anglo Saxon settlers in Great Britain in the 5th century.