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Hammad Jawaid

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ہیلو اسلام ولیکم

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Khlaedul Hoque

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Software and Network Troubleshooter

I demonstrate to buyers, how does IT things work and describe their features.

Urdu to English Retail + 1 More
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Anita Paul

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Urdu text translated to English|Translated audio for closed captioning

I grew up reading and writing Urdu and English. For years I have translated Urdu text to English and vice versa. I have translated Urdu audio from TV series into English captions. I love literature and language.

Urdu to English Education + 2 More
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Yasir Ijaz

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Urdu To English Translation

I am from Pakistan. My mother language is Urdu. and English language is native

Urdu to English Education + 2 More
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Heart Hacker

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hlo i am intzar hassan for sudia Arabia and i am Pakistani and I translated urdu to English and English to urdu.

Urdu to English Education + 2 More
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Abdul Ghaffar

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kot adu

There is the translation of the language form Urdu to English.

Basically I belonged to Pakistan so Urdu is my national language But English is our governmental language so our focus are on both languages.

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Tazeem Shahzad

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Izzat mean respect

Taleem mean education

Urdu to English Education + 2 More
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Amber Abbas

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Islamabad, Pakistan

Urdu to English Translation Portfolio

Here is a short sample of Urdu to English Translations.

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Huma Majeed

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My mother tongue is Urdu but officially my language is English.

I will translate in different language like Urdu and English and can make voice over too.

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Zakariyya Siddiq du Preez

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Hamberg, South Africa

Some of the books I have translated.

All the books i have translated so far are available on the internet for download.

Urdu to English Education + 1 More
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Talha Rashid

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Islamabad, Pakistan

Explainer Videos and Screencasts, Made Easy

Talha is a skilled voice-over and translation expert who has worked for 10 years in the industry. He loves to channel his professionalism into every project he does.

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Muhammad Ikram

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Bhera, Pakistan

I translated an Urdu paragraph to English

Here is the example of my short work that I did.

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All About Urdu to English Translation

Do you have a creative project that you need translated from its Urdu origins in order to make an impression on your English speaking audience? When you offer your content in English, it won't merely be accessible to an audience based in Britain or the United States. In fact, about one fifth of the global population can speak a degree of English. This means that sourcing an Urdu to English translator on Voices can help your words resonate with over two billion people worldwide.

When your company's communication materials are translated from Urdu into English, then you're well equipped to make inroads to the 'Anglosphere'—a group made up of the major English speaking nations, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. But if you even look beyond those five countries, you'll find that English is a global lingua franca that people living across many continents can understand. Getting your official documents, web copy, or video script translated from Urdu into English is a great tactic if you want your words to reach a diverse audience spread out around the world.

In order to preserve the core meaning of your text, working with an experienced Urdu to English translator is important. Your text can run the risk of containing mistranslations and grammatical errors when you don't work with a fluent speaker who has an in depth grasp on both Urdu and English. For example, Urdu is written from right to left in the Nastaliq script, while English is written left to right with the 26 letters of the Latin alphabet. Minor details like these can make a world of a difference when you are getting your work translated from Urdu to English.

Urdu is primarily spoken in Pakistan and India. While these are hugely populous countries, it still doesn't compare to the number of people who can speak and understand English on a global scale. By converting your words to English, your message will be able to travel near and far.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Along with Hindi, English is recognized as one of India's two official languages.

Hindi and Urdu are both forms of Hindustani, which makes both languages mutually intelligible with one another. However, Urdu gets much of its vocabulary from Persian and Arabic, while Hindi is influenced by Sanskrit.

About two billion people around the world speak English.