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Blair Frayer

Blair Frayer (Blair Frayer)   ·   London, Ontario, CA

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Blair Frayer

Blair Frayer (Blair Frayer)   ·  London, Ontario, CA

About Us - Senior Professional Services Account Manager

My main goal is to make jobs happen with new and inactive clients. For many of them, will be their first and only time needing a VO talent so we try to make the experience an easy one for all parties, clients and talent alike. I have had the pleasure of working with outstanding voice over talents on some pretty interesting projects. There is a huge amount of respect for the hard work being put in by the talents here at, and if there is anything I can do to drive more opportunities into the community, I will certainly try my best.

When taking on a new client we make sure to ask a wide array of questions to ensure that they get exactly what they came here for. Each client is different and each job posting will have various criteria that represents the clients expressed requirements. Some are open to a flexible budget while others are not. Some are willing to listen to generic demo submissions while others will not. I do not make any decisions for the client in any way, I am simply here to make their experience an easy one.

The goal is to keep them coming back!

- Everything I do is through SurePay.
- Talents are paid by directly on Pro-Services jobs.
- My favorites list changes based on current projects, please don't read too much into it.
- There is no benefit in deleting your auditions on jobs that have not been marked complete.
- A listen without a like does not equal a lost opportunity. Be patient and give the client time to make up their minds.