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Profile photo for Joe Zieja

Joe Zieja

Burbank, California

Singing Sample - Gaston

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Chloe Taylor

Los Angeles, California

The Minor Calling

Singers Female + 4 More
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Beau Stephenson

Los Angeles, California


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Gina Scarpa

Naugatuck, Connecticut

Singing Demo - Singer - Rock - R&B - Pop - Harmony

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Ro Candiah

Toronto, Ontario

Singer and Vocalist - Fearless by Ro

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Allyson Briggs

New York, New York

Close to You

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of hiring a pop singer will vary significantly depending on the singer you choose to hire. While the pop singers you hear on the radio will be costly to hire, Voices features a number of affordable options for pop singers to hire.

The formula for a good pop song involves a verse chorus structure, a strong rhythm, a catchy hook with lyrics that are easy to sing along to, and a powerful pop vocal performance. A good pop singer is an essential ingredient in any winning pop track.

You can easily hire a pop singer to perform the vocals for your pop song right here on Voices. Explore our lineup of talented pop singers and we'll match you with the right pop singer for your project.

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All About Pop Singers

A strong pop hook is an instantly memorable melody that will get stuck in your listeners' heads. No pop earworm is complete, however, without a top notch pop vocal performance. When you hire a pop singer on Voices, you can rest assured that your track will have that harmonious quality to make it sound like it belongs at the top of the record charts.

Pop music is the reigning genre of the contemporary music industry, and talented pop vocalists are integral to that success. Whether you need a pop singer to perform a nightclub anthem or a catchy radio ballad, with Voices you will be able to post a job, audition vocalists, and match with the perfect pop singer for your project.

The term "pop music" has a double meaning. On one hand, pop music traditionally refers to music that is popular, meaning that it is commercial, accessible to a wide listenership, and broadcast across mainstream radio stations. However, most pop songs share a number of distinct characteristics that have caused pop music to become recognized as its own genre, irrespective of an artist's or track's success.

What we now know to be pop music originated in the United States and the United Kingdom in the 1950s, when artists like Elvis Presley were instrumental in bringing rock 'n' roll to the mainstream. The sixties saw Beatlemania consume the masses as The Beatles entered the fray, which then evolved into a pop rock sound popularized by artists like Queen, The Jackson 5, and Elton John in the seventies.

In the eighties, there was the emergence of pop singers who rose to prominence in tandem with the launch of MTV and music videos, including Prince, Madonna, David Bowie, and Whitney Houston. Some of the most popular pop artists of the nineties were the musical groups The Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, and NSYNC, and the aughts ushered in a new era dominated first by pop punk acts like Blink 182 and Fall Out Boy, who were later superseded by the likes of Rihanna and Lady Gaga.

Throughout the 2010s, pop has been heavily influenced by the internet and globalization. Some of the most popular music today is composed of a blend of musical styles and cultural influences, with genres such as K pop and Latin pop, as well tracks that have gone viral on platforms like YouTube and TikTok rising to the fore. The 21st century has also witnessed a number of trailblazing producers, such as SOPHIE and Max Martin, define whole eras with their pioneering songwriting and sound design.

A lot of pop songs become smash hits because they follow a precise formula. These pop songs are made up of a progression of chords, a verse chorus structure, and generally span between two and five minutes in length, making them easy to play on the radio in regular rotation. Pop songs are typically characterized by having a catchy melody, a rousing rhythm, and lyrics that revolve around relatable themes: falling in love, heartbreak, overcoming hurdles, and enjoying life.

A distinct vocal performance is a key component of any winning pop song. If you were to list the defining pop tracks over the past several years, artists such as Adele, The Weeknd, Sam Smith, Beyoncé, or Bruno Mars may come to mind. All of these pop singers stand out for having unique voices that pair perfectly with a memorable and melodious pop hook. Voices makes it easy to browse the demos of talented and experienced pop singers to find just the right pop vocalist to bring your lyrics to life.

Backing vocals are also crucial to the overall sound of a good pop track. Whether you need a standalone pop singer to perform a solo delivery of your pop song, or a background singer to complement the overall sound of your project, you will be able to find what you need on Voices.

Explore our lineup of gifted pop singers, listen to their demos, and hire the best pop singer to take on your project and channel your lyrics into the next pop hit.

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