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Alejandro Camacho

Bogota, Colombia


I translated a text from spanish to english about the first colonist in the USA.

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Jennifer Moule

Buenos Aires, Argentina

One Family and My Cup of Tea

One Family and My Cup of Tea is a book written by Ivana Lopez which traces the roots of the triphop movement in Bristol.

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Ricardo Morales

Not Yet Rated

Highland, New York

Arrest Warrant from Mexico

Arrest Warrant from Mexico translated to English for use in US Court. Over 2,000 word project. Completed within 2 days, with editing and formatting included.

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Tim Dawson

Any City, Indiana

La Bondad De Dios/The Goodness of God

This is a listener story from HCJB2 Radio in Guayaquil, Ecuador that I translated from Spanish to English

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Andrew Douglas

Toronto, Ontario

Translation Sample

A sample translation

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Charlie Inman

london, United Kingdom

Cuba in a Bottle

A feature-length documentary about the history of Cuba, written and directed by me and Ben Homan, all translations done by me.

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Katty Aracelly Luyo Fonttis

Not Yet Rated


Traduzco todo tipo de textos ya sean canciones o libros.

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Daniel Felipe Hernández granada

Not Yet Rated

Dosquebradas, Colombia

Traducción ensayos influencia culturas antiguas

Era un ensayo en inglés sobre la influencia que obtuvieron las antiguas culturas a lo largo de los años en las siguientes civilizaciones , se requería traducir al idioma español para conocimiento de estudiantes colegiales.

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Melissa Gomez

Not Yet Rated

Cypress, Texas


Te adoro, mi amor. I adore you, my love.

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Carlos Lorenzo

Not Yet Rated

Foios, Spain

Spanish to English Sample

I am Spanish and have studied my whole life in a British school

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Roger Cabrera

Not Yet Rated

Easton, Oregon

Spanish to English translation

I am able to read, write, and speak from a text or dialogue of Spanish to English, and vice versa. I would love to help anyone with a necessity for these translations!

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Abigail Cid

Not Yet Rated

San Antonio, Texas


The customer had a basic English questionnaire that used as part of their USA operations, but their Spain office needed a Spanish version, they asked me to do this translation for them.

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All About Spanish to English Translation

Do you need a Spanish to English translator to bring your message to life for an English speaking audience? Whether you're an international brand adjusting your company's reach to suit the modern global marketplace, or a content producer at work on an ad campaign, website, video script, or official documents that will be circulated far and wide, sourcing a Spanish to English translator is the best option to take care of your translation efforts in a professional, reliable, and timely manner. Voices is proud to host an abundant roster of talented freelance translation experts, and the Spanish to English translators you'll find here are a key piece of that puzzle.

When you expand your Spanish language efforts into the English language, you'll be producing content that covers two of the largest language markets. There are roughly 360 million native English speakers around the world, and about two billion English speakers in total, making up about 20% of the entire global population. In order to fluently communicate with this vast and growing audience, the best strategy is to publish polished material that has been looked over by the expert eyes of a strong Spanish to English translator.

The five core English speaking countries that are generally grouped together are known as the 'Anglosphere.' They include Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, and New Zealand, but the broad reach of the English language doesn't even come close to stopping there. English is a global lingua franca, so you can be sure that your message will get the opportunity to flourish throughout a wide range of nations beyond the Anglosphere, including many former English colonies, like the Commonwealth Caribbean countries.

Spanish and English intersect in many different parts of the world. English is the most commonly taught foreign language in Mexico, the country with the highest population of Spanish speakers of anywhere in the world. In the United States, Spanish is studied more than any other language, and there are over 50 million U.S. citizens who speak Spanish as a mother tongue. These are but a few of the world's multilingual regions that demonstrate how much you can stand to gain by communicating with your audience in both Spanish and English.

Working with a professional Spanish to English translator is valuable when it comes to grammatical variances between the two languages. In Spanish, inverted exclamation points and question marks are presented at the beginning of a phrase to distinguish the parts that are an exclamation or question. A sentence's subject also doesn't necessarily have to be stated in Spanish, so that the word duermo is sufficient for a speaker to use to communicate I sleep. Amateurs may not be fully versed in grammatical differences such as these, but the seasoned Spanish to English translator you source here will be able to craft your copy in the best way to reach your target audience regardless of whether you are translating formal documents or colloquial dialogue.

By hiring one of the Spanish to English translators featured here, you'll be lifting up your project to an elevated dimension of professionalism as you target a new and valuable English speaking audience. Get in touch with one of these Spanish to English translators to get started on your new language initiatives today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many differences between Spanish and English, including different origins and different grammatical rules. Spanish is descended from the Romance languages, while English is a West Germanic language at heart. Spanish has five vowel sounds, while English has 14 or more.

While Google Translate can be a helpful tool for quick translation, the best way to translate Spanish to English is by working with one of the talented translation experts you'll find on Voices. The Spanish to English translator you hire will be capable of taking on more complex translation tasks than simple word to word conversion, and they will also consider cultural nuances and words or phrases with more than one meaning when they are carrying out your translation assignment.

Yes, English is a Germanic language. Its origins date back to the 5th century, when Anglo Saxon settlers arrived in Great Britain.