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Miley Rose

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New York, New York

Hebrew to English Translation

I translated the piece in a way that conveyed the essence of the original material so that the translation would not be verbatim. This ensures that the same point is made in the translated form, rather than in a direct translation where nuance is lost.

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Erich Wilson

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Nesher, Israel

Hebrew to English Translation Sample

These were two short advertising summaries that I translated from Hebrew in to English.

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All About Hebrew to English Translation

If you're in search of a capable Hebrew to English translator to re envision your Hebrew text so that it can travel throughout the English language world, then look no further. Our trusted platform is host to a number of experienced Hebrew to English translators who understand just what it takes to launch your Hebrew content into the bounteous English market. Impress your English audience and customers by presenting your services in English with the help of one of the Hebrew to English translators you find here.

While there are an estimated nine million Hebrew speakers in the world, the reach of the English language is undeniably more broad. Over two billion people around the world speak English. English serves as an official language in nations across a number of continents. In North America, English is an official language of both the United States and Canada. In Europe, English has official language status in the United Kingdom. Both Australia and New Zealand recognize English as an official language, and there are a multitude of former British colonies in Africa and the Caribbean where English remains an official language or lingua franca.

Sourcing an expert Hebrew to English translator is the best way to avoid common writing errors that can arise due to inconsistencies in how the two languages are written. For example, Hebrew is written from right to left, while English is written from left to right. It is also important to know that Hebrew text generally takes up more space and uses more characters than English text. When your content is translated from Hebrew to English, it can shrink by anywhere between 20% to 60%. If you're producing graphics or subtitles of any sort, your trained Hebrew to English translator will be able to adjust your message so that it occupies the desired amount of visual space.

The fundamental meaning behind your Hebrew message may also run the risk of losing its essence if you simply use language translation software. Hiring a professional Hebrew to English translator will ensure that regional vernacular, cultural nuances, and the final output of your text is considered during the translation process. Sign up for Voices and hire the Hebrew to English translator your project needs to come to life.

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The English language dates back to the 5th century, when Anglo Saxon settlers who spoke in a variety of West Germanic dialects settled in Great Britain, leading to the formation of what is now known as Old English.

To translate your text from Hebrew to English, you can hire one of the proficient Hebrew to English translators you find right here on Voices. With the click of a button, get access to a translator who is fluent in both Hebrew and English.

The best way to translate Hebrew to English is by hiring one of the featured translators on Voices. Post a job and get matched with an experienced translator who can translate your words from Hebrew to English.