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I'm a fluent Tagalog and English speaker, thus, I it's very easy for me to translate Tagalog to English or vice-versa.

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All About Tagalog to English Translation

Are you preparing to launch your services into the English speaking world? Do you need a proficient translator who can reimagine your Tagalog messaging so that it resonates with your English target audience? When you could use a translation expert to bring your message to life in English, explore this lineup of skilled Tagalog to English translators.

When your content gets a professional translation from Tagalog to English, there are no limits on how far it can travel. The customer and audience potential for English language content is substantially more vast than most other languages. There are over two billion English speakers globally, amounting to roughly one fifth of the world's population. The global English speaking population consists of most of the people living in the nations that make up the Anglosphere: Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. On top of these countries, there are a great number of others where English either has co official language status or is spoken as a de facto language. In fact, English and the Philippines share co official language status in the Philippines, and the Philippines is known for being one of the largest English speaking countries in the world.

Since English is one of the official languages in the Philippines, you have good reason to source a translator who can fluently convert your text from Tagalog to English. English is used as the predominant language of education, commerce, and law within the Philippines. When you lack the oversight of a professional with a firm grasp on the fine details that distinguish Tagalog and English phrasing, sentence structure, and grammar, you may be faced with mistranslations that either alter the entire meaning of your words, or cause you to appear amateur. Whether you're producing an ad campaign or working on formal documents, hiring a trained Tagalog to English translator is the way to go.

There are a number of programs in the Philippines that are teaching Filipino and Tagalog speakers to learn English as a second language, and as a result, the number of English speakers in the Philippines is growing. It is estimated that more than 14 million Filipinos can speak English, while the majority of the population understands or at least has some degree of English fluency. Outside of the Philippines, there are a few million Tagalog speakers who live in the United States. To craft your communications so that you are fully understood by your audience in the Philippines and beyond, ensuring that your work is translated from Tagalog to English can be a fundamental step.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Both Filipino and English are the co official languages of the Philippines.

Yes, people in the Philippines understand English. In fact, the majority of the population of the Philippines can understand English, while about 14 million can speak it fluently.

The best way to translate your Tagalog text to English is by sourcing one of the experienced translators featured on Voices. Post a job and get matched with a Tagalog to English translator to professionally convert your words, no matter the project you are working on.