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As a Thai brand making inroads to the English speaking market, you've come to the right place. Voices features a plethora of seasoned Thai to English translators who can fine tune your text so that it hits home among the ever increasing global population of English speakers. Search through our roster of translation experts, and reach out to one of our Thai to English translators to discuss your project, word count, and deadlines.

When you hire a professional Thai to English translator, you can rest assured that your project will receive a polished translation that will help it connect authentically with English speakers in the global region you are targeting. Whether you're at work on an ad campaign or republishing a novel for a new language audience, working with an experienced translator is the only way to ensure that your message captures the entire spirit of the original message without accidentally using expressions that are present in the Thai speaking world, but not in English.

An experienced Thai to English translator will understand the ins and outs of writing and communicating in both languages. This is of particular importance because Thai is written using an abugida script commonly known as the 'Thai alphabet,' which features 44 consonant symbols and 16 vowel symbols. On the other hand, English is written in the 26 letter Latin alphabet. Beyond the differences in the way either language looks on a page, another notable detail is that Thai is highly phonetic, so the entire meaning of a word can be altered based on how it is pronounced when spoken. The Thai to English translator you work with will have the ability to modify your text so that your message is accurately conveyed.

Over two billion people around the world speak English. However, the standard form of English that is used to communicate in certain countries or in formal contexts can vary substantially from the types of English that are spoken with regional vernacular or slang expressions. When you make the decision to hire a competent Thai to English translator, you won't have to worry about the inability of conversion software to tailor your words for a specific regional audience. You'll be able to find a translation expert on this page who is well versed in localizing Thai to English messages, which means that your translated message will resonate with the precise demographic you want to reach.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to get a professional translation from Thai to English is by hiring a seasoned Thai to English translator right here on Voices.

About a quarter of the Thai population can speak a basic degree of English. There are not many fluent English speakers living in Thailand.

English is widely spoken and understood in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. While you may not find many fluent English speakers throughout other parts of the country, English speakers will be able to get by with their mother tongue in Bangkok.